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Monday, November 24, 2014

Ferguson: Grand Jury Says No to Indictment

Ferguson: Police Car in Flames
By Douglas V. Gibbs

A Grand Jury decided there is not enough evidence against, and no probable cause, to bring charges against, and to prosecute, Darren Wilson, the police officer that shot and killed Michael Brown August 9, 2014.  Ferguson is a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri where the population is primarily black.  The protesters have considered the shooting a racist action by a white cop against a black citizen.  As a result, Ferguson has been the site of rioting that has made Ferguson look more like a war-zone, than a community of families.

After the long awaited decision, some violence has erupted in Ferguson.  Protesters have thrown rocks and bottles at police, but law enforcement has used tear gas and riot gear to move the crowd back away from police headquarters.

Shots have been fired on the streets of Ferguson, and the situation remains tense.  The gun shots were fired in the air, not at police or into crowds.  Disbursement of the demonstrators is primarily being accomplished with volleys of tear gas canisters.  Some storefronts have been looted.  A number of businesses have decided not to board up their windows, and many
Police car with smashed windows
 of them are being burglarized.  There have been attempts to overturn cars, one of which was a police car, with smashed windows.  Later, another police car went up in flames.

Some of the groups are "serious protesters," but video has been showing that the unrest is more of a "carnival atmosphere," where people are taking advantage of the situation to grab what they can. Along with opportunists, agitators are also mixed into the crowds.  Some reports have indicated that many of these people have come in from outside the area.

After the public announcement of the decision, the family of Michael Brown released a statement saying, "We are profoundly disappointed that the killer of our child will not face the consequence of his actions.'' They urged others who share their pain to "channel your frustration in ways that will make a positive change.''

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat, called for calm after calling up National Guard troops to stand by in case of unrest.  President Obama also urged that protesters remain peaceful.

Officer Wilson has been on paid leave and largely invisible since the shooting.

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