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Saturday, November 29, 2014

If You're Not Frightened, You're Not Paying Attention

Poem by Alex Ferguson

Did you ever think when Barack came by
That human liberty was about to die?
They raid our shops and tap our phones
And pack our courts with their Marxist clones.

They tell us lies and call us names
While our constitution goes up in flames.
We cry and pray and organize
But nothing breaks through their wall of lies.

We are racists and fascists and filthy swine.
At least, according to their party line.
Check out the movies and TV stations.
Ours is the worst of all possible nations.

They teach it in high school and then in college.
American greed is common knowledge.
Whatever we have, we stole it somewhere.
Our bloodstained souls are beyond repair.

Barack Obama agrees completely.
His Marxist views, once held so discreetly,
Inform all his actions , from pen to phone.
As he creates legislation all on his own.

He has spent all our money; we're drowning in debt.
When you vote for a fascist, that's just what you get.
He hates this whole country and all that is in it.
If we must fight a new war, he won't let us win it.

We have two more years to put up with this traitor.
Every day that goes by, our danger grows greater.
He won't want to leave when his term has expired.
Nor will the counterfeit "Czars" he has hired.

The last thing we want is to provide an excuse
For Obama to engage in further abuse.
Let him go quickly, this petulant child.
We'll celebrate richly; our joy will run wild.

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