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Friday, November 28, 2014

Justice Ruth "Gollum" Ginsburg: Heart Surgery

By Douglas V. Gibbs

I am surprised she is not dead. . . not because of her age, and not because of her health, but because the Obama regime pressured her to step down, and she refused to. . . and we know what happens to people who dare to stand against the Obama authoritarian administration.

Consider the death of Andrew Breitbart, or how quickly Hagel was shown the door after he dared to challenge the President's narrative regarding ISIS.

But, so far, she had her heart procedure, and she has been released from the hospital.  So far, so good, for Ginsburg.  She expects to be back on the bench by Monday, just as she did twice before after battling cancer. . . unless the hard left Obama goons get to her, first.  They fear that if they lose the White House in 2016, and she dies during that administration, all of their cheating, lying, and preparing will be set back for a generation.

Ginsburg's response to the pressure was that this Senate, and the GOP controlled one taking over in January, won't confirm a replacement as liberal as her, so she is willing to hold out until the hard left democrats have control of both the Senate, and the White House, again.  I just don't think she'll last that long, either because of her age, or the impatience of the progressives that pull the puppet strings.  I think they want Hillary Clinton on the bench.

I would not be surprised if a blood clot suddenly went to Ginsburg's brain, and killed her.  The source of the blood clot, of course, will never be definitively determined.  The liberal left progressive power players have already shown they are good at convincing the uninformed of their sometimes downright ridiculous propaganda.

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Justice Ginsburg Leaves Hospital After Procedure - Wall Street Journal

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