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Friday, November 28, 2014

Officer Darren Wilson To Leave Police Force

by JASmius

Told you so:

Darren Wilson is currently in discussions with the Ferguson, Missouri, police department on the terms and conditions of his departure, attorney Neil Bruntrager said this week.

“There’s no way in the world he can go back to being a police officer,” the lawyer said.

“It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when,” Bruntrager said of Wilson’s departure

…”The first day he would be back on the street something terrible would happen to him or to someone that would be working with him,” he told CNN.

“The last thing he wants is to put other police officers at risk,” the attorney added.

Mr. Bruntrager added that this doesn't specifically apply to the Ferguson Police Department, but that Mr. Wilson will never be able to serve in law enforcement anywhere ever again after the notoriety the Michael Brown incident has brought down upon him.  At the age of twenty-eight, his career is over.

In a sense, I can relate to having one's career destroyed by vicious enemies through no fault of one's own.  My advantage is that at least I had my career for twenty-six years and was able to sock a lot of my earnings away in order to tide me over during the interim and transition to what I'm hoping will be a full-fledged successor career here and in radio.  Mr. Wilson had the bulk of his career in front of him.  Past tense.  What will he do now?  Who knows?  As I've said all week, not only will the young man never be a cop again, I don't see how he can ever earn a living of any kind, because I don't see how he can ever come out of hiding for fear of loss of life and limb for himself and his family.

The Ferguson grand jury courageously refused to bow to the racist lynch mob and made the right decision based upon the actual evidence and did not indict Officer Wilson.  Pending Eric "The Red" Holder's spotty double jeopardy federal "civil rights" gambit, he will be cleared of any legal threats and ramifications.  But unable to earn a living and condemned to spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder, Darren Wilson's life has been effectively ruined even without being railroaded through racist kangaroo courts.  But that will never been enough for those who believe that "black lives matter" - especially those who commit de facto suicide by physically attacking an armed cop - and white lives are expendable - in the name of "social justice," of course.

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