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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Some Final Thoughts About Thanksgiving, 2014

By Douglas V. Gibbs

We are now halfway through President Barack Obama's second term of office.  In the latest midterm election, the Republicans grabbed a hold of the House of Representatives with a majority not seen in nearly a century.  The Republicans also gained majority control of the Senate, though not a large enough majority to override any of President Obama's vetoes.  I am a registered Republican, and most people call me a Conservative, but I have not given an oath to a party or ideology.  My oath is to God, and to the United States Constitution.

The long time hallmarks of the Grand Ol' Party has always been self-reliance, personal responsibility, hard work, limited government, a faith in divine Providence, individualism, and a free market.  Though there has been some battles within the GOP over these philosophies, for the most part, those principles remain as the meat of the platform of the Republican Party.  The Democrat Party, however, has moved so far away from God and country, and more specifically, away from the law of the land, that the party is no longer recognizable as anything other than a party of socialist authoritarianism.

Americans were raised in liberty, and as the pendulum reaches farther left, segments of the public are waking up.  People who were complacent have become involved in politics.  They realize that our culture is a giving charitable culture, while also a self-reliant culture, but it is not the responsibility of government to take on what we should be doing as individuals.  Not only is it outside the constitutional authority of the federal government to meddle in local affairs, and provide gifts of welfare programs from the national treasury, but it is downright dangerous to provide a precedent for future administrations to follow enabling the federal government to act, through the executive branch, without consent of the States or Congress, in a manner that micromanages the personal lives of Americans.

While President Obama tries to enforce immigration policies that are outside the laws on the books, without congressional consent and against the wishes of most of the States, enforce Internet policies that a court of law told the President is outside the federal government's realm of authority without State or congressional consent, and while Obama is writing executive orders to force environmental policies against the people without consent of the States or supporting legislation from the United States Congress, the reality is clear. . . Hope and Change meant that President Obama aims to fundamentally transform this country into something as far away from the principles of the United States Constitution as he can.

Thanksgiving is a special day in which we give thanks for the Blessings our country has received from God, not a time to give thanks to an overpowering central government.  Thanksgiving is a time to give our appreciation to the Creator that has been a large part in maintaining the United States as the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave.  But our gift from God is at risk, so though we have assembled around our dinner tables to give thanks for the Blessings God has given to our nation, it is high time we also take action to protect that liberty.  To fail to do so is to fail to defend what God has given us, and what God has Blessed.

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