No Constitution Classes October 3-6, 2022; Doug will be out of town.

No Constitution Classes October 3-6, 2022; Doug will be out of town.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Should Be Turned To "Apologize To Indians Day"?

by JASmius

Hmmm; only thing missing is the tear....

Well, hey, I didn't want to post the Cleveland Indians' mascot, even though this dishonest injun would have more than merited it:

Speaking at California State University at Fresno last week, Dr. Cornel Pewewardy....

You've got to be kidding me.  "Pewewardy"?  I would be terrified to try to pronounce that on the air for fear that it may come out like "wahwahwahwahwahwahwahwah".  Still less would I want to speculate on what sort of "Original American" name that implies - "Leaky Ferret," perhaps?

....gave a lecture to students titled “How the Grinch Stole Thanksgiving.”

Ha ha, he used the same name on an adjoining holiday.  That's the kind of highbrow wit our tax dollars and Janet Yellen's printing presses are buying.

Pewewardy spoke about the historical and cultural implications of the holiday.

“Like other holidays, including Christmas and Columbus Day, Thanksgiving is not based on historical accuracy, but rather on the importance and prevalence of maintaining a consumer culture,” Pewewardy, who is a member of both the Comanche and Kiowa tribes, said on Tuesday.

So which is he?  An anti-white racist or an anti-capitalist socialist?  Answer: Yes!

According to the Collegian, CSU Fresno’s student paper....

CSU-Fresno has a student paper?  I figured after Ralph Macchio left for Okinawa thirty years ago, Fresno's last vestige of culture left with him.

Pewewardy claimed that the holiday in its current form is a “manufacture[d] Thanksgiving” that was born outside of any Native American Culture.

Washington [CENSORED BY THE WHITE HOUSE]s games not withstanding, of course.

He said Native Americans celebrate the holiday in their own unique way, choosing to indulge in prayer and song, instead of consuming massive Thanksgiving dinners.

Speaking for myself, I'm perfectly okay with that.  Nobody says "Original Americans" (I so designate because I am a "native American," since it so happens that I was born in America, so "original" is a more accurate modifier), or anybody, for that matter, has to celebrate Thanksgiving via gastronomic excess.  It's just so much more enjoyable that way.

Pewewardy suggested that the typical image of pilgrims and Native Americans dining together is merely a construct that is meant to reinforce extravagant consumer culture.

Well, certainly "consumer culture" has taken advantage of that image, and it's not entirely historically accurate, but there is some truth to it, and that history was recorded long before "consumer culture" came along.

He insisted that this image is a social construct, meant to distract from guilt from the extensive history of violence and suppression perpetrated upon the Native American people.

Actually, that violence and suppression wasn't entirely one-sided.  But be that as it may, it took place centuries ago.  Nobody living today perpetrated any of that "violence and suppression".  Indeed, during that time period my ancestors were attempting to unify Prussia and the North German Confederation, so even if the concept of "collective guilt" wasn't neurotic, anti-Western, self-loathing codswallop, it could not, by definition, apply to me, because not one of my ancestors ever herded any of Leaky Ferret's ancestors down a trail of tears to any reservation.  So, "Professor," you can kindly take your guiltmongering and shove it up your teepee.

“There is truth in reconciliation, just like anything else,” Pewewardy said. “Sitting down with people and saying I’m sorry, that is the spirit of Thanksgiving.”

I'm sorry you can't let go of the past and move forward, together, into the future.

But at least I'll get to enjoy your helpings.

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