Friday, November 21, 2014

The Immigration Proclamation

by JASmius

Another typical Obama "historic" speech: Power-grabbing, full of lies, partisan sniping, massacring one more army of strawmen, all while claiming to only want a "rational discussion" on an issue that, like pretty much every other, his churlish, scheming perfidy has so completely destroyed any possibility of trust and so squandered any lingering credibility as to make compromise and "working together" ludicrously impossible.  Which he then cites as "proof" that Republicans are "unreasonable racist extremists" defying the will of the American people, who were REALLY saying in electing a GOP Congress in blowout fashion two and a half weeks ago that they want "progress," not repudiating The One and every despicable thing he stands for.

Listening to an Obama speech is like watching David Bowman going through the Stargate....

....It's so surreally detached from reality, so drenched in delusional "socialist reality" propaganda fantasism, that it's akin to a rhetorical acid trip.

House Speaker John Boehner wasn't inhaling, and was quick on the draw with a panning, slamming rejoinder:

So basically, the GOP was willing to pass some form of amnesty, but The One went so absurdly overboard and so "poisoned the well" that Republicans couldn't risk being seen as collaborating on a policy direction their own base, and a huge majority of Americans, virulently loathe.  Why?  Because of the universally lusted-after "Hispanic vote," even though a majority of Hispanic voters (54%) oppose his imperial majesty's illegal amnesty decree, and Republicans will never racially out-pander Democrats.  That's another reason for this year's Border Crisis and the next influx of foreigners last night's proclamation will trigger: King Hussein wants all the "credit" for amnestizing millions of illegals (and jihadists) for himself.

So what's the Speaker going to do about it?  He certainly talked a good game....:

“President Obama has turned a deaf ear to the people that he was elected and we were elected to serve. But we will not do that. In the days ahead the people’s house will rise to this challenge.” “We will not stand idle as the president undermines the rule of law in our country and places lives at risk.” “We’ll listen to the American people, we’ll work with our members and we will work to protect the Constitution of the United States.”

....but it was all generalities.  How will "the people's house" rise to this challenge?  How will the Republican majorities "work to protect the Constitution of the United States" with which Barack Obama (again) wiped his scrawny ass last night?  Will Boeher and incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell heed Ted Cruz's eminently practicable strategy of using Congress's appropriation and confirmation powers to inflict a stiff price on the White House for Dear Leader's lawless despotism?  Will they listen to their caucuses instead of (allegedly) trying to shut them up?

Because this is about more than just amnesty; it is, in fact, a rare "teachable moment" regarding how constitutional government is, and is not, supposed to work.  False Messiah wants to bury it in the usual "partisan squabbling" white noise, but if Republicans don't just stand with three-quarters of the American electorate against amnesty, but can also highlight its unconstitutional illegality and illustrate the tyrannical lengths to which Democrats are willing to go to get their way in "ends justify the means" fashion - which the polls show the vast majority of Americans already instinctively grasp - they can not just win the immigration issue - hell, they already did that on Election Day - but can so devastate the Democrat "brand" as lawless, radical extremists parsecs outside the "mainstream" that "turning the country around" (i.e. resurrecting the Old American Republic) might actually reenter the realm of possibility.

Or they can chicken out, play it "safe," duck any confrontation or showdown with the White House, fund the illegal amnesty against which they so conspicuously railed, deflate their base (again), watch all remaining "red" states turn blue, and start planning their political exiles.

Doesn't seem like a difficult choice to me.

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