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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tools of Obama's Racial Division

By Douglas V. Gibbs

President Barack Obama, and the Democrat Party, has manipulated the minority population into violence.  The policies coupled with rhetoric consistent with racial division has encouraged the violent activities we are seeing in Ferguson, Missouri, and around the country.  These people are tools, being herded around in a game of class warfare.  Has the Democrats made your life better?  Has the Democrats eliminated poverty?  How's the unemployment rate in your neighborhoods under Obama?

The Democrats, and Obama, have been playing everyone as fools, using them, manipulating them, to keep racial division in place.  Hatred and division fuels leftism.  Without it, the big government types have nothing they can claim that needs fixing.

How sane is it to destroy your own neighborhood over anger over the decision where the rule of law was applied?  Should we be ruled by mobs?  Should we destroy our hometowns every time a case does not go the way we want?

The Gran Jury knew that no indictment may result in rioting.  They knew that it is possible that their own lives could be in danger is no indictment was their decision.  The evidence, or lack thereof, must have been pretty clear for them to decide what they did.

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