Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Global Warming Chill

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Southern California is finally getting a taste of the cold, arctic chill the rest of the nation has been experiencing for a while.  Today, we've been getting some rain, and the unusually cold storm is bringing much needed snow to California mountains.  The high deserts are experiencing icy conditions.  North of here, up in Central and Northern California, they are getting low enough temperatures that, although these chilling temperatures will not be record-breaking, are lower than normal and causing quite a shiver.

Though the snow and rain levels will not be significant enough to march us toward declaring our drought is at an end, the little bit of the wet weather being received is welcomed on that front.  As for the temperatures, New Years Eve, and early New Years Morning are expected to get near freezing.

As someone who rejects the concept of man-made global warming, recognizing climate change as a natural phenomenon largely contributed to by the Sun, and recognizing the man-made push to limit carbon dioxide output as a political agenda designed to enable a small group of political elite to dictate to governments and individuals their energy use for the purpose of supporting a tyrannical statist agenda, I welcome the colder weather as yet another sign that the predictions by global warming enthusiasts like American politician Al Gore were nothing more than a load of crap uttered by a hard left liberal who hoped hysteria based on global environmentalism may assist in the furtherance of the hard left agenda for a new political order on a worldwide stage.

Cold storms, and wintry weather, are not enough to convince the liars of the left, and their faithful "Let's Save The Planet from Climate Change" crowd, that they are basing their religion on a bunch of hooey.  Even the fact that for more than sixteen years the planet ceased its warming trend, and we have been entering a "natural" cooling phase, has not swayed their unwavering faith. Earth's sea ice, as we reach the end of 2014, has been expanding to record levels.  Arctic ice is returning to levels last seen in 1984, leaving the area of Arctic sea ice nearly identical to what it was 30 years ago when Climate Change purveyors claim Global Warming was first getting worse (and had finally abandoned their "We're heading for the next ice age" hysteria).  In the media I have actually seen liberal leftists making the claim that Arctic sea ice levels are dangerously low, and that 2014 was one of the coldest years on record. . . a blatantly false assertion.

One might ask, why would the supporters of man-made Climate Change lie like that?

The truth is not cooperating with the left's agenda.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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