Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Obama Surrenders Afghanistan

by JASmius

Here, there, everywhere, Barack Hussein Obama betrays and abandons every country, every people who ever trusted or relied upon the late, great United States, and surges the new Obamerikastan towards humiliating, ignominious defeat.  And just as with Cuban democrats, it's the innocent indigenous left behind who pay the price:

The U.S.....invaded Afghanistan in 2001 to oust the Taliban and stayed on, in part, to build a western-style democracy, including legal safeguards for women. A quota was mandated for women in public offices, such as parliament and provincial councils. Earlier this year, however, conservative lawmakers rolled back the quota reserved for women in provincial councils to 20% from 25%.

I am, of course, no fan of Affirmative Action, but in a culture where women are regarded as property and living blowup dolls, what other way was there to start changing that culture but to force it to see how much better "the other half" lives?

Well, that and American forces remaining in the country to block inevitable recidivism:

Last Sunday marked the formal end to the international combat mission in Afghanistan. And while huge progress has been made getting millions of girls in school and putting women in positions of formal authority, it has had “frustratingly little impact on these power dynamics,” the U.N.-backed Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit said in a recent report.

“Today, women’s rights are … one of the feared losses shared by Afghans and the world as international troops prepare to withdraw completely.”

And with good reason.  What was the state of women's rights in Afghanistan under the Taliban?  They were chattel and walking "glory holes".  Under American supervision, Afghani women became de-burqa-ized people and citizens, and even got to cross their legs once in a while.  To what faction is Barack Obama now turning over the country after the two thousand-plus U.S. lives (three-quarters of them sent to their deaths by President Red Lines) sacrificed to liberate and rehabilitate it?

The Taliban.  Much like the 4,486 American lives spent on liberating and rehabilitating Iraq were squandered by The One after he turned that country (and its "fairer sex") over to the Islamic State and the Iranian mullahs.  Hard not to notice a pattern here.

So tell me again who is waging a "War On Women"?

Exit question: Now that it's a full-fledged jihadist race, care to place any bets on which pack of infidel-killers (al Qaeda, ISIS, the Taliban) will knock over another U.S. skyscraper, or nerve gas a U.S. subway, or irradiate a U.S. city first?  I'd still rate Caliph al-Baghdadi's boys as the prohibitive favorites.

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