Monday, February 23, 2015

Obama Regime Bans Muslim Apostates From "Stand With Mohammed" Summit

by JASmius

For anybody out there who considers my labeling of last week's White House "Summit on Violent Extremism" as Barack Obama's "Stand With Mohammed" summit just a "smidgen" "Islamophobic," I give you The One's invitational sin of omission:

The White House excluded members of a prominent group of reformist Muslims from its terror summit this week, apparently because President Obama rejects their argument that such groups as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria are actually motivated by Islam.

A group of twenty-three prominent Muslim reformers signed a full-page ad in the Sunday New York Times on January 11th asking “What can Muslims do to reclaim their ‘beautiful religion’?” [emphasis added]

"Hijack" would be a more accurate term, I think.

But Obama and officials throughout his administration deny any connection between Islam and the terrorists beheading and burning their victims in a reign of terror in the Middle East.

Muslim reformers say the administration is ignoring them because they disagree with Obama’s refusal to acknowledge the Islamic roots of the extremists’ ideology.

Some of the most prominent reformers have argued for years that the ideological and theological roots of Islamist extremism must be addressed, but administration officials carefully avoided exactly that subject during Obama’s three-day summit.

Because the purpose of that summit wasn't to encourage Muslims to repudiate the Qu'ran, which teaches precisely what the Global Jihad is doing.  Its purpose was to defend the Global Jihad, defend ISIS's genocidal mass murder and religious "cleansings" by the simple expedient of pretending that they are not, CANNOT be motivated by Islamic doctrine, the totalitarian "socialist reality" that declares up is down, in is out, backwards is "forward," and that Oceania isn't at war with East Asia, Winston.

The Stand With Mohammed Summit had nothing to do with truth and everything to do with taqiyya, the Qu'ran-mandated deception of "infidels" to advance the mission of Islamic global conquest.  Which just happens to fit hand-in-glove with the Obama Doctrine:

And even lower, my friends, even lower.  Something the Gatestone Institute might, just might, have pointed out from the White House's otherwise Islamophilic platform.  Which probably explains the "NO INFIDELS ALLOWED" sign on the outside of the "summit's" door.

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