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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Obama To Iran: "If You Like Your Nukes, You Can Keep Your Nukes"

by JASmius

That is, at least, how Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei interprets Barack Obama's proffered "deal":

In his first official remarks about the framework agreement between Iran and Western powers [plus the United States], Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei said on Thursday that nothing is finalized, and therefore the understandings remain non-binding.

“I’m neither for nor against the outcome of the recent talks. According to the Iranian officials involved no measure has been taken yet and there are no binding results,” said Khamenei during a televised speech on Thursday.

Khamenei added that in light of past experience, he is not optimistic regarding the negotiations with the U.S., but allowed for the talks to take place anyway, stressing that he supports the ongoing negotiation, and would support a future agreement if it upholds Iran’s honor and interests.

Of course, he supports the ongoing "negotiations"; they provide his country's "honor and interests" with precisely what they, and he, want: time.  Time to build the world's largest nuclear arsenal with which to wipe Israel, Europe, and America off the map.  Which is precisely how the Ayatollah-in-Chief defines his country's "honor and interests".

There is, moreover, a broader meaning to "there are no binding results" than that The One's "framework" is simply an agreement to continue "negotiating": It means that the mullahs will never consider ANY agreement binding on them if it requires them to divert from the pursuit of their "honor and interests" in the slightest.  They're as much as declaring that there will either be no agreement, or no compliance with any agreement eventually reached, no matter how favorable towards their "honor and interests" it is.  They're telling us that they're going to cheat.

Once again, life is all about incentives.  Barack Obama has every reason to lie about this "deal" because it is a more or less complete surrender to Tehran's nuclear ambitions and intentions that he doesn't want Congress or the American people or our allies to find out about.  Ali Khamenei has every reason to tell the truth both because he is accountable to nobody and this "deal" gives him everything he wants and more - which, by the way, is why there'll be no "agreement" by June 30th, because the mullahs have every incentive to keep moving the goal posts of what they'll agree to, until Barack Obama is gifting the entire remaining U.S. nuclear arsenal to Iran with a Star of David bow on top.  Which I will guarantee here and now he will try to sell on the grounds that this will "ensure that Iran never develops nuclear weapons".

"Gets," and "uses," sure, but never "develops".

What a "deal," huh?

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