No Constitution Classes Thanksgiving Week

No Constitution Classes Thanksgiving Week

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Health Insurers Forced To Seek 54% ObamaCare Rate Hikes

by JASmius

Fifty-four percent, huh?  Is that before or after illegal, Supreme-Court-approved ObamaCare subsidies?

But get a load of this lede, folks:

Americans covered under ObamaCare are turning out to be sicker than expected, and health insurance companies are calling for dramatic rate increases — as much as 54% — to help meet the costs. [emphasis added]

How much sicker was the Regime expecting ObamaCare inmates "customers" to be?  Or were they "expecting" no change?  Or that the very existence of ObamaCare would dramatically improve the health of all Americans all by itself?

Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the market leaders in most states, wants to drive up rates by 54% in Minnesota, 36% in Tennessee, and 31% in Oklahoma, just a few of the States where documents filed online show higher rates are being sought, reports the New York Times.

No, Blue Cross and Blue Shield don't want to drive up premiums by over fifty percent, they're being compelled to do so because of the massive diseased influx of sick people that are skyrocketing their costs.  Or "the Cloward-Pivenization American healthcare," the path to the "death spiral" and single payer.  Unlike the feds, health insurance carriers cannot confiscate their revenue streams and print their own money.

Heath and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell told the Times that subsidies will help soften the blow of the rate increases, as 85% of the people who obtain coverage through federal and State [cartel]s use tax credits to help pay premiums.

Which is why a majority of Americans supported the SCOTUS misruling on King v. Burwell.  People don't give a damn how much something costs as long as they don't have to pick up the tab.  Government subsidies are always the anesthetic that spares the lumpenproletariat the pain that would otherwise alert them to the horrible things being done to them.  Like, for example, Barack Obama taking away the healthcare they had and liked and forcing them into this Cloward-Piven boondoggle.  And when carriers are denied permission to jack up rates to where the distortions of the health insurance market indicate they should go.....death spiral.

And, of course, there is the other side benefit of forcing carriers to drastically increase premiums for O-Care plans: still more economic "populist" demagoguery:

Barack Obama called on consumers to pressure State insurance regulators to scrutinize rate increase proposals, and he expects many will end up being "significantly lower" than the companies want.

Meaning their losses will be significantly higher than they want, meaning the "death spiral" will start that much sooner, if it hasn't already.  Because money really does grow on trees, and unicorns really do exist and they really do poop Skittles and how DARE companies think that they're in business to earn a profit for their shareholders instead of just giving their product away like the fascized welfare vassals they're supposed to be.

You will never find a more stacked deck than ObamaCare: An inexorable, onward-grinding policy disaster where all the blame for it is deflecting onto its secondary victims (insurance companies, who were dumb enough to get in bed with this Regime in the first place) and its architects and perpetrators come out the champions of its primary victims: the American people.

Call it the healthcare Mos Eisley....

....for which sixty-two million Americans twice voted, and vicariously a third time just a week ago.

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