Friday, June 03, 2016

Violent Liberal Democrats Attack Again at Trump Rally. . . This Time in San Jose

By Douglas V. Gibbs

From Conservative Treehouse
The violence being perpetrated by the liberal left Democrats at Trump Rallies are typical Saul Alinsky style agitation.  This is the kind of hate and division a person like Barack Obama, and people like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, causes to materialize.

When watching the local news about San Jose, the first video image put on the television screen was a guy in a Trump shirt taking a swing at someone advancing on him, immediately making it look like to the uninformed viewer that the instigators were the Trump supporters.  I've been to some of these kinds of rallies.  The likely truth of it all was the swing by the Trump supporter was in defense.  The remainder of the video footage was obviously leftist attackers against Trump supporters. . . but the leftist bias media got their first impression out there.  As far as the viewer was concerned, it was all Trump's, and his supporter's, fault.

These protests are anything but spontaneous.  They are pre-planned attacks being waged against a candidate that has a serious chance of dethroning the leftist control of the White House.  Violence appears pretty much wherever Trump appears.  Agitators follow him, invade his rallies, and the media blames Trump and his supporters.  Even when it is obvious Trump is avoiding provocative rhetoric, the left is out there trying to silence him and intimidate his supporters with vile language. . . and violence.

The protesters are usually millennials.  They are the current college crowd, fresh off of leftist indoctrination from the public school system, and are enrolled in classes now that could be called "advanced Saul Alinsky tactics studies" in college.  They are pro-illegal alien and wave Mexican Flags as they light American Flags on fire.  They wear shirts and hold signs comparing Trump to Hitler, even though Bernie, Obama and Hillary are much closer to the socialism offered by the National Socialist Worker's Party (NAZIs).  These youngsters disrespect the police, and use their menacing violence directly against the security, and anyone else who gets in their way.  This is what liberal left Democrat politics has become.  Juvenile, childish, menacing, violent, hateful, and angry for reasons they can't even articulate.

The liberal left media and politicians have spent a long time trying to convince everyone that the gun-toting, Bible-thumping, conservatives and Tea Party folk are the violent ones who can't be trusted.  The federal government lists conservative and constitutional groups as hate groups, and domestic terrorists.  Yet, here we are, with violent leftists attacking Trump rallies, and not a single conservative disrupting a Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton event.

If conservatives were to act in the same manner, they would be portrayed as fascists, and the world would be ready to send United Nations peacekeeping forces to stop the warmongers of the far right.  However, here we are with leftists doing what they have been doing at a Trump rally, and the media reaction, and the reaction of the nutcases around the world, are silence.  Crickets.

The high ranking leftists are angry, but they aren't showing it.  Somehow their violent Saul Alinsky tactics are not destroying Trump.  Instead of losing ground, he's gaining in the polls.

In my conversations, I am discovering that some folks, who would never have considered voting for Trump, are going to - not because they are big fans of him, but because he's better than Hillary Clinton who is supported by a snarling, arrogant left-wing millennials who are too uninformed to even know the basics of history.

Leftwingers hate opposition, and it is their goal to silence that opposition.  They only believe in free speech when it benefits them, not when it opposes them.  Their tactic is clear.  Silence the other side, and if it means shouting them down and beating them until they're bloody, then so be it.

America has been bullied by the Obama administration for nearly eight years.  The liberal left Democrats are using the force of law to silence any dissent, be it gay marriage or transgender bathroom usage, the IRS targeting conservative groups, or attorney generals threatening to punish dissent against man-made climate change, the liberal left Democrats are showing their true face. . . and it is a totalitarian one, filled with hate, anger, and violence.  All of the things they have been accusing the rightwing of is what they are guilty of.  Their angry mobs have shut down rallies, institutions, businesses, and if they have it their way, any dissent by anyone for any reason.

For our entire lives the Democrats have been trying to convince everyone that our system is a democracy, when in reality it is supposed to be a republic.  What you are seeing is what democracy is.  Mob-rule.  Violence.  A loud crowd trying to take away the rights of their opposition through force and the attempt to gain a majority vote so that they may overpower those who dare disagree with their ideology.

Northrop Frye once wrote, “There can be no free speech in a mob: free speech is one thing a mob can’t stand. You notice that the people who allow their fear of Communism to become hysterical eventually get to screaming that every sane man is a Communist.”

The violent leftist mobs will continue to attack Trump, and accuse his supporters of racism and bigotry, while creating their own hateful bigotry and racism.  While they say "Black Lives Matter," I say "All Lives Matter."  While they hyphenate people calling us Mexican-Americans or African-Americans or whatever, I say we are all Americans, except those who have slipped under the fence and refuse to follow the law and assimilate.  America is at its best when this kind of violent hatred is not at the forefront.  America is best when we are a free market, are free-minded, and are willing to take the evil we are seeing being pushed by the liberal left and put it behind us.  It is the godly thing to do.

This violence is not America.  America is better than this.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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