Sunday, February 05, 2017

Democrat Leftists are Domestic Terrorists

by Douglas V. Gibbs
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When the Tea Party was rallying peaceably in response to the election of Barack Obama in 2008, and continued their movement throughout the Democrat President's two terms of office, they were labeled by the leftist political establishment and the liberal media as an anti-government hate group, and domestic terrorists or a domestic terrorist group. Even the Department of Homeland Security, under Obama's watch, classified the Tea Party as being a part of a right-wing sovereign citizen extremist threat in the United States, considering the Tea Party as being capable of potential right-wing violence that, for the most part never materialized.  The Tea Party was categorized as being a threat equal to, and occasionally greater than, the threat from Islamic extremist groups. Conservatives and Tea Party folk have been called "Extremists willing to take up arms against anyone they disagree with, or anyone they feel is a threat to their ignorance-fueled fundamentalist political philosophies" - that latter part a reference to the belief that we, as a country, should be adhering to the political principles articulated by the original intent of the United States Constitution.

Since Donald J. Trump emerged on the political scene as a presidential candidate, and then was elected as the 45th President of the United States, the liberal left Democrats have launched into crazy mode.  Their violent riots shut down his speech in Chicago during the campaign, and Democrat operatives admitted it was a part of the Democrat Party's design.

The coordinated terrorist attacks against a non-liberal government that the liberal left refuses to recognize ("not my president" is a common chant) without a violent backlash has doubled-down since the inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States.  The violent inauguration protests led to damage to parts of Washington D.C., where 217 protesters were arrested, and somewhere between 400 and 500 mindless pawns and dupes participated in damaging property. The protesters were armed with crowbars and threw objects at people and businesses, destroying storefronts and damaging vehicles.  Protests also were launched in other cities; all of them violent, and all of them destructive.

Reports have emerged that funding for the protests against Donald Trump has come from the well-known globalist leftist, George Soros (Breitbart, NewsMax, New York Times), and believe it or not, assistance from the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hollywood, and the rest of the entertainment industry, has joined the insanity.  Madonna said she's thought about blowing up the White House.  Comedian and actress Sarah Silverman has called for the military to conduct a military coup to overthrow the Trump White House.  A new Hollywood blacklist exists, but instead of fighting against communism, the communists have turned the tables, and now you are blacklisted if you dare to refuse to oppose Trump.  At the Screen Actor's Guild awards (a ceremony of narcissism I refuse to watch. . . it's basically actors and actresses patting themselves on the back), left-wing identity politics was in full swing.  David Harbour, when the award for Best Ensemble in a Drama Series for “Stranger Things” was announced, screamed threats against people who disagreed with him politically, and that he and the group of Hollywood elite around him would punch Trump supporters in the face. The audience cheered as he made his threats.  William H. Macy also took a stab at Trump at the SAG Awards, comparing the President to Macy's demented character on the show "Shameless." Comedy director Judd Apatow threatened Americans who support Donald Trump that the riots at the University of California-Berkeley were “just the beginning.”  Before Trump was even elected, Hollywood Trump supporter Scott Baio was receiving death threats.

On CNN, the violent protesters in the streets were saying that people are going to have to die. A Black Lives Matter Anti-Trump Protester said for the camera, "We Need To Start Killing People".  In both cases, these things were said as fires blazed, and destruction was happening around them in violent riots.

Should all of this be labeled as terrorist threats and acts of terrorism?

The liberal left Democrats were willing to call the Tea Party "terrorists" for peaceably assembling, so how could anything said or done by the Democrats since Trump emerged on the scene be seen as anything other than terrorists threats, and acts of terrorism?  If opponents of Obama had said they wanted to blow up the White House, called for a military coup to remove Obama from office, or had damaged property with crowbars and other objects in the name of opposing the Obama government, they would have been plastered all over the television portrayed as terrorists, and they would have been prosecuted to the full extent of the law likely for treasonous behavior.  The Koch Brothers would have been dragged through town and tarred and feathered if they were funding violent "anti-government" riots like Soros, and other leftist billionaires, are doing right now.  And, entertainment stars would have been blacklisted and arrested for saying the terrorist threats being verbalized by the liberal left nutcakes screaming about Trump.  Threats of killing people would have been taken seriously, and the liberal left would have been screaming that the "right-wingers are intolerant."

Do I sense a tad bit of hypocrisy in the acrid and smoky air above the cities as the violence accelerates and the liberal left Democrats go even farther out of their mind for their Marxist narrative?

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Bigfoot said...

I'd say that this violent faction of the left regards burning down a building, if you do it for a reason they agree with, is speech, while merely saying anything they don't agree with is a hate crime.