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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Key CORE Meeting

Here I am with Niger Innis last December
By Douglas V. Gibbs,
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Today, I am in Las Vegas, Nevada in a very important meeting with personnel from the Congress of Racial Equality.  The key components that will make our effort move forward will be discussed today.  In short, it is a logistics meeting.

A year ago CORE came to me with the idea of reestablishing themselves as a significant civil rights organization.  After eight years of racial division, identity politics, and a black president that did nothing for blacks, but overly catered to Hispanics and the gay agenda for the purpose of gaining Democrat votes, and after more than fifty years of Democrat control over the cities which are crumbling with no improvement at any level, one must ask why blacks continue to vote for the party of slavery, the party of Jim Crow Laws, and the party of the KKK?  The Democrat Party, after all, has been historically against the black community, and only began to cater to blacks after dragging them back into a Democrat run plantation (but this time it is in the name of government dependency).

Why would any black vote Democrat for any reason?

The Democrats have always been the party of racism, and then they try to project that upon the GOP.

Anyway, CORE desires to add chapters, open offices, and they wish for me to insert constitution studies programs into the locations.  I am writing a new textbook for exactly that purpose.  Today, Niger Innis (CORE Spokesman, and son of recently deceased CORE National Chairman Roy Innis) will be among the group in today's meeting.

We hope to launch the chapters and "civics and constitution studies" programs in June, but funding and the logistics still need to be in place.

Quick question.  With the rise of a common sense organization like CORE, wouldn't it be nice to have out there a conservative alternative to the NAACP?

We are working on it.

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