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Monday, May 29, 2017

The Crowded Cemetery

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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When I entered the crowded cemetery my eyes filled in tears.  Countless flags were waving, each one placed on the edge of the plaque of the grave of each fallen hero. The resting place of my grandfather who fought in World War II is at the Riverside National Cemetery in Southern California, a location of many graves of brave men and women who gave voluntarily for liberty, and the American Way.  Line after line of simple grave makers mark the final resting places of the brave, among their brothers and sisters in arms.

Standing over his grave marker, it brought back the memories of my visit to the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia near Washington DC, my visit to the tomb of the unknown soldier, and the rows and rows of crosses and grave markers I observed there.

My memories also harkened back to the first time I stepped into the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Sacred ground. I read the names in silence, tears welling up in my eyes. The dead called to me, asking me not to weep, for they gave their lives willingly, so that others might live, and live with the promise of freedom.

Some ask how we can repay this debt, and show our gratitude for the ultimate sacrifice.

Pause on Memorial Day to remember their sacrifice, and to thank them with our prayers for paying the cost of our freedoms. After all, our liberty has been bought and paid for with the blood of these brave heroes.

1.2 Million Americans have given their lives for our freedoms across more than two centuries and in more than a dozen wars and armed conflicts.

At the cemetery a small American flag is planted in the ground next to each grave's plaque. May they stand tall, and wave reverently.

Never forget. Keep the faith. Remember those fallen in service to the country, and to preserve the liberty of our great country, so as to keep the light burning on that shining city on the hill.

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