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Funded Anti-Gun Protests, Law Enforcement Failings

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

My, my, my, the students sure organized fast for their anti-gun rallies after the school shooting in Florida.  It's almost as if their anger was scripted.  Their message includes singling out the NRA, as if the National Rifle Association is some incredibly lobby forcing politicians to vote a certain way with their money.  It's not like that, at all.  The NRA simply sends money to candidates they believe agrees with their "right to keep and bear arms" platform.

While the students are demanding that politicians stop taking money from the NRA, have they considered being concerned about the politicians who take money from CAIR, who's involved in the funding for real terrorism?  How about the textbook companies who receive money from Saudi Arabia?  Are they concerned about how inside the schools they are being taught messages about sexuality, from kindergarten to 12th Grade, despite the protests of many parents, that teaches about normalizing relationships outside traditional marriage, and explains to kids as young as twelve the details about oral sex, anal sex, transgenderism, and homosexuality?
One citizen member made a motion to remove this phrase from the lessons and to simply use the word “sex” instead. Through parliamentary maneuvers, other members of the committee made sure the amendment was put off indefinitely without debate. The vote to cut off debate and never speak about it again passed 23-3. 
The member who offered the amendment asked for a roll call, so that those voting to keep in “sex assigned at birth” would have their names associated with their votes. The motion for a roll call was killed by voice vote. 
No debate, no accountability. 
Another citizen member made a motion that, somewhere in the numerous lessons about various contraceptive methods taught beginning in eighth grade, there ought to be something about the possible health risks of certain contraceptives. 
This, too, was shut down without debate, by a vote of 23-3. A roll call of the vote was shouted down by voice vote.

How about the parents in Ohio who disagreed with their child's desire to transition to a different sex, so they lost custody so that "the state" can make sure the child gets all of the sex-change operations and therapies it desires.  Does it bother the students that the government's control over our lives includes something like that?

I am thinking the angry students either don't know about the sexualization of their generation, or they've been convinced by the powers-that-be that it's completely normal education.  Which means, the idea that government can dictate to law-abiding citizens their mode of protecting themselves, and criminalize firearms, is just another normal thing that should happen.  What's to worry about?  This is America.  There's no chance that the leaders would use that power in a tyrannical way . . . right?

Their handlers have convinced them not only that they are doing the right thing with their anti-gun crusade, but that the gun control establishment will help them along the way.

After voicing their pro-gun control positions, a number of the Parkland, Florida students are now receiving help with their message from seasoned anti-gun activists.

On March 24 the students have organized a protest, March for Our Lives, on the National Mall in Washington D.C.  The application for a National Park Service permit required in order to hold the rally was submitted by Deena Katz, co-executive director of the Women’s March LA Foundation.

The event’s website doesn’t mention the connection, pushing the narrative that this is some kind of grassroots march created by, inspired by, and led by students across the country.

Gun-control advocacy groups have become involved in “sister marches” being planned at more than two dozen U.S. cities and London.

In Denver, the Colorado Coalition Against Gun Violence applied for a permit for its March 24 rally at the state capitol, according to a state spokesman.  Moms Demand Action, backed by billionaire and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, has jumped in even as it tries to keep the spotlight on the teens.

The teens are being coached and guided by the gun control lobby who's been waiting for something like this.  Their springs have been released, and they are springing into action well knowing that something, somewhere, would give them the chance, sometime soon.  They wanted a violent mass shooting in the schools so that they could do exactly what they are doing, now.

The problem for them is they don't want anyone to know this was pre-planned, that they badly desired a horrific shooting, and in the end all of this is the gun control nuts simply taking advantage of a horrible situation.  They are opportunists, but they want you to believe they are simply horrified helpers, and that these are not their events, but events organized and run by and led by "amazing students."

The reality is, the claim is flawed.  It's obvious that the organizing features of these rallies are beyond the capacity of a bunch of average high school kids.  The kids don't have the resources and sophistication to pull off a major national protest without the help of experienced political hands.

I am not condemning these groups for wanting to help.  I get it.  If an issue came up that was on the conservative side of the coin, I would expect conservative organizations to get involved, and help fund and organize whatever events are necessary.  My problem is the fact that the liberal left Democrats and allies are doing what they always do - they are shrouding the whole thing with deception, and an attempt to guide the message from behind the scenes in the hope it will create more sympathy, or whatever else they are seeking in order to forward their message of ultimately confiscating the guns of all Americans.

For me, whenever deception is inserted into any situation, it throws up a ton of red flags.

According to Sheriff David A. Clarke, the intrusion by leftist forces goes deeper than mere influence and help by anti-gun organizations.  "The well ORGANIZED effort by Florida school students demanding gun control has GEORGE SOROS’ FINGERPRINTS all over it. It is similar to how he hijacked and exploited black people’s emotion regarding police use of force incidents into the COP HATING Black Lives Matter movement."

Is this an international movement with the secret power of billionaires behind it?

The Women’s March, mentioned earlier in this article, partners with 100 Soros-funded groups.

The National Park Service application submitted estimates a crowd of 500,000, which would make it one of the largest events on the Mall, rivaling the Women’s March of January 2017, which drew an estimated half-million.

Plans for the march include 14 jumbotrons, 20 tents, 2,000 chairs, 2,000 portable toilets, a press riser and 20 buses.

Still believe the students are behind it all?

A GoFundMe page created by student Cameron Kasky has raised $1.5 million of its $2 million goal.  A large part of the ability to raise so much money may be because of how the media has been successfully shoving microphones in front of the faces of grieving, scarred, and emotional teenagers, who, in their emotionally distraught state, are saying exactly what media progressives want them to say.

People are angry, hurt, and emotional, but as father of one of the slain, Andrew Pollack, has said, this shouldn't be about gun control, it should be about making schools safe.

I think it goes farther than that.  We need to grab a hold of our culture and change its downward spiral into immorality and a desensitization towards death and evil.

Among the solutions has been to arm personnel on campus.  I am good with that.  Not all of the teachers, or someone who is not trained to handle such situations.

We've seen the failure of cowards, no matter how rare it may be, in law enforcement when faced with such a situation.

I was talking to a retired police chief the other day and he told me his heart went out to the campus officer in Florida.  The law enforcement person on campus had apparently not received all of the training he needed, or he knew that the .223 rounds coming out of that AR15 would pierce his armor, so he hid, and he waited, and will have to live with the label of "coward" for the rest of his life because of his lack of action.

In Fox News' report about the armed officer on campus who was too afraid to engage the shooter, it has been reported that he hid behind a door until he felt it was safe to come out.  Granted, we don't know to what extent his training was, but whatever training he had received, it didn't make him willing enough to engage the situation.  The death toll could have been much lower if he would have done his job.  While the Broward County Sheriff has been going around boasting about his "amazing leadership," the reality is that actions speak louder than words, and his words make him look like a fool - especially when three law enforcement individuals failed to do their jobs during the shooting in the Florida high school, and their inaction likely led to a number of deaths that could have been avoided if they had taken action.

Bill Hager, a Republican member of the Florida House of Representatives, sent a letter to Florida Governor Rick Scott urging him to relieve Sheriff Scott Israel from his duties for “neglect of duty and incompetence."

That all said, the problem was not that the three armed personnel nearby were cowards, but that enough armed personnel weren't available and armed (the more the merrier in case some turn out to be cowards).

How many former military personnel, former law enforcement personnel, or gun enthusiasts who have received a large amount of firearms training are out there who are now teachers, or who are unemployed and would be perfect as on campus security personnel?  How many of them could have been available on campus in Florida, and could have stopped the shooter before he got his shots off?

The liberal left wants to make this about gun control, and the establishment wants to turn our schools into hardened prisons.  Sure, take safety measures.  Have personnel on campus who are armed.  But, more importantly, how are we going to turn our culture around that has come to embrace death, violence, and defiance to common sense?

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