Thursday, May 31, 2018

Agenda: A Perpetual La Raza Majority in California

Posted by Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

We are being invaded.

The English colonists were trying to work with the Indians, made treaties with them, and tried to live in peace with them. It was the Spanish who slaughtered the Indians, took them as slaves, and raped the women and forcibly took them as wives. So, first of all, it is the ancestor of the Mexican, not the English Americans, who committed genocide against the Indians. You've heard of Cortes, right? As for the Southwest United States, the reason for the Mexican-American War was that Santa Anna was storming through the land and ripped up Mexico's 1824 Constitution which was designed to be much like ours. The Tejanos in Texas, and Californianos in California, did not consider themselves Mexican. There were only three Mexican settlements in what is now the Southwest United States. Los Angeles, San Jose, and Santa Fe. The Mexican-American war was not a war of expansion by the United States, it was a war of liberation. The lands north of what is today's Mexican-American border, and many of the lands that wound up still remaining Mexico, asked for help and the United States came to the rescue. Even after the war, the United States decided to still pay money for the lands, and they didn't have to. Remember, the lands were taken from a dictator who was keeping the people in what is now the Southwest United States under an iron fist, and they wanted Liberation from it. If the United States had annexed most of Mexico like was being considered, or accepted pleas for Help by places like the Yucatan Peninsula, which applied for statehood and actually went before Congress in the hopes of becoming a state, Mexico would be a lot smaller today. By the way, if we would have taken more of Mexico, because much more of Mexico was indeed asking to be liberated from Santa Anna, those lands would also be prospering today and the areas that are doing horribly would be the smaller Mexico. Mexico is not a trash hole because of resources, or lack thereof, but because of the style of government it has always had. These people calling Americans bigots, racists and fascists are the descendants of Santa Anna's Mexico, not the freedom-loving settlers from Mexico who cried for liberation from the dictator, and the United States came to the rescue for in the Mexican-American War.  It is because of the English Saxon political system that America has been prosperous.  Meanwhile, Mexico's political system is based on the old Roman Imperial mindset which existed in Spain during the colonial period, and of which took hold in Mexico.  The Spanish system is the reason they have not prospered.  If Mexico had been able to keep their 1824 Constitution, if the United States had gone farther and completely decimated Santa Anna's forces so that the 1824 Mexican Constitution had remained in place, Mexico would be as prosperous, and as free, as the United States.

In short, the racists screaming in the video, and promising the change the demographics to Mexico, are working for a dictator mindset.  They are invaders who are actually the real racists and bigots, and if they get their way, California will be as poor and destitute as Mexico.  If you will notice the colonies that were English, which were based on the Saxon system of limited government, are today the more prosperous countries in the world (or were before they began to insert socialism into their systems).  If a country decides to take on a collective style system, or a centralized top down government with a strong centralized government, they do not prosper.  They become like Mexico, or worse, like Venezuela.

It is the Mexican political system that is the poison, which is based on Spain's old Roman Imperial System.  This is why we are so against illegal immigration.  Those people come to America with the poison of the bad political system in their minds.  The people are not poison, but the political ideas they have are.  Immigrants who come here legally largely abandon the poison, and shed their allegiance to the old system.  Legal immigrants assimilate, embrace the American political system, and become cogs in the overall republic, rather than a poison that is determined to destroy American liberty.  The La Raza supporting people in the above video are destroyers.  They are Santa Anna's army, who believe in a tyranny of hate and control.  They are the kind of people who were slaughter millions of people under the orders of Santa Anna.  They were the people who demanded an iron first over the people, and the destruction of the 1824 Mexican Constitution.  They are the enemies of freedom, prosperity, and godly equality (as laid out in the Declaration of Independence).

We are being invaded.

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