Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Anti-Establishment Presidency

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The plan was for this four-year term to be a continuation of the post-American era.  President Barack Obama was the set-up man.  President Hillary Clinton was supposed to be the closer.  She was supposed to carry on the rejection of American Exceptionalism.  America was no longer supposed to be the city on the hill, not only because it was their intention to dismantle the city, but because it was their intention to level the hill.

The Democrats seek a foreign ideology that is counter to the principled foundation we enjoy under the United States Constitution.  The utopianists ... the collectivists ... the communitarians ... the progressives ... the liberal left Democrats ... the socialists ... were preparing to welcome the demise of American Exceptionalism.

President Obama slammed American Exceptionalism while visiting Europe, trying to compare it to what others feel about their own countries.  The Democrats see American Exceptionalism as being some kind of arrogance.  Donald Trump sees it as America's legacy, and for what it really means . . . we are an exception to the rule.  America is like no other country on the planet in our uniqueness.

President Trump stood against the global establishment by telling the G-7 in Canada that if it isn't right for the United States, we won't play along.  We pay tariffs unbelievably higher than what they pay in return, yet Trump is the one being unfair?  Canada's Trudeau stomped around with Merkel and gang, complaining that's not how the U.S. should treat its allies.

You mean, like the way they have been treating us?

While American leftists like Melinda Gates (of the Bill Gates clan) are claiming it's time for white ethnic cleansing, Trump is saying all Americans, of all ancestral heritages, deserve to enjoy the prosperity of American Exceptionalism.  And, economically, we are beginning to.

While leftists like Governor Cuomo of New York is saying he's prepared to use teachers to make sure guns are confiscated, Trump is saying our rights are important and is still pushing for his reciprocity law.

While California leftists are working to limit water usage in a fascist manner, the Republicans are telling the water-nazis that what we need are more reservoirs and water storage . . . there is plenty of water if we'd just capture it.

The problem is, the left seeks opportunity through crisis, and the conservatives seek solutions.

It's just another example of how the establishment seeks to keep problems in place in perpetuity so that society may be manipulated and controlled, and the GOP conservatives who reject the establishment are looking for solutions so as to reengage America's exceptionalism and prosperity.

Trump is not a politician.  He's a businessman.  He does not seek to keep problems in place for power and wealth like the establishment, he seeks solutions and a pragmatic way of running the system.

That's why the establishment hates him so much.  Trump wants to dismantle their machine, and take away their system of power and wealth by seeking solutions.

In fact, the left is so angry about Trump seeking to make America great again, and do so by taking apart the establishment machine, they are even talking assassination.

Could you imagine if such things had been said about Obama?  The media would never have stood for it.

That's one thing I can say about the establishment.  They are really good at the double-standard thing.

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