Friday, September 14, 2018

Someday, If we do not defend liberty

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

He said nothing.

He stood alone in the old city.  A church lay bruised and broken ahead of him.  A crumbling pile of rubble.  Silent.  Never to house worshipers, again.  The stillness the consequence of time.  The destruction the result of man’s ambitions.

He didn’t know what a church was. The pews were long and empty.  They began and ended in calamity.  The room had been some kind of gathering place.  More than an auditorium.  More than a briefing.  The people gathered because they wanted to.  They gathered out of free will.

The old city stretched for miles.  These ruins remained untouched by human hands.  There was no desire to rebuild.  No reason to clear the damage and erect new structures.  A new city was simply constructed nearby.  A walled city, with guard stations and men in uniform to keep the citizens inside.  A spineless place of tall, stack-em-and-pack-em dormitories filled with mindless automatons who know nothing of what lies beyond the city’s walls because they have been told nothing exists, and they faithfully believe their caretakers.

He laughed.

Oh, what a gullible breed humanity is.  We clamor through the night, stumbling in the dark, not knowing that outside the sun is shining and a new day is dawning.

He was unaware of how true his thoughts truly were.  His new day was already being planned.  Plotted without his knowledge.  It was being fashioned for him.  For his own good.  For the good of the community.  For the good of mankind, whether he liked it, or not.

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