Monday, January 28, 2019

Prince of Deception

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Whose side is who on?

Follow the lies to discover who sides with the Prince of Lies.  The hypocrisy, and the underhanded deception is breath taking, and monumentally dangerous to our Blessed Liberty.

Global Warming:

Man-made?  Not quite.  History reveals that the rise and fall of global temperatures are normal and naturally triggered.  The primary influence upon our planet's temperature is the sun (sunspot activity).  In the image to the right is an example nearly 100 years ago of a warming scare.  During the era of the founding of America there was a miniature ice age going on.  The world has its cycles, and those cycles include rises and falls in temperature.  Fortunately, the world is currently in revolt against Climate Change policies.  Are we supposed to so easily believe that humanity is capable of so easily destroying God's Creation?

We have evolved politically, and are now dominantly a Left-wing Society:

The Democrats want us to believe that the election of Donald Trump was simply an anomaly.  A temporary aberration.  America has taken a left turn, and once the Democrats correct the error of 2016, we'll be back on our left-wing trajectory.  Except, that's not quite true.  Americans continue to show their rejection of the Democrat Party's love affair with leftism.  They've rejected the entertainment industry's left-wing tendencies by shutting off the tube.  New Year's broadcast ratings were weak, for example.  The question is simply, will the younger generation wake up before the Democrats use them to gain complete power?  Their hero, 28 year old socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is putting their life-long indoctrination into words and action.  Will they see the error of her ways once it is in front of them, and threatening to destroy our system of liberty and prosperity?  She is, after all, calling for a massive 70% tax rate to pay for all of her utopian Marxist dreams.

Homosexuals do not target children:

When the gay rights thing began to take full control of their tyrannical plans by using the legal system to force Americans into compliance, I stated that indoctrination of the children was next.  I was accused of being a bigot, and homophobic.  Now, the assault against our children through the education system by the homosexual radicals (and their transgender allies) is in full swing.  In California, for example, children get the full treatment as early as the third grade (with introductions sprinkled in as young as in pre-school and kindergarten).  Next, they will demand that pedophilia is only a lifestyle, and that it also should be fully accepted.  The rapidity of that movement will be stunning, and likely faster than the spread of the poison behind the normalization of homosexual behavior.  Shield your children, the sexual appetite of Sodom and Gomorrah is far from quenched.

White Supremacy is out of Control, and the death of a young black girl is proof:

Except, it was fake news, like most of the left's claims. The story took an interesting turn when the investigation into the shooting of a 7-year-old girl in Houston, Texas that civil rights activists and left-wing media sites asserted was a white supremacist hate crime took an unexpected turn when it was revealed that the gunman was a 24-year-old black man.

Islam is the religion of peace, and Muslims mean no harm:

If Islam means no harm, and the radicals are a small minority who do not represent true Islam, then why is the liberal left so quick to do what they can to sanitize or cover-up the truth regarding any news related to Muslims that may not be complimentary?  The U.K. media recently covered up the Muslim motive behind a terror attack in Manchester.  Right here in the United States a Muslim doctor in Ohio admitted to deliberately giving Jewish people the wrong medications.  Saudi Arabia, and other Muslim countries, currently, and have been for a long time, are contributing to the poisoning of the textbooks we have been using in our education industry with massive amounts of money, and misinformation.  In Europe, problems with Muslim migrants has reached emergency levels, with Paris experiencing violence and an epidemic of car fires during the New Year.  The only places in the world that are not experiencing a rise in terrorist activity are the same countries who refuse to allow Muslims into their jurisdiction.

Toxic Masculinity is a real danger, and women must be heard when it comes to sexual crimes:

The Brett Kavanaugh hearing brought this one to light in a big way.  While I don't believe all women are lying about sexual assault, I do believe some women do lie about it.  A large portion of the sex crime epidemic has been manufactured, and the reality is, some women are taking full and unapologetic advantage of it.  Again, I am not making light about sexual crimes or assault, but at the same time, we must not creep to another extreme that may include lies and deception. For example, On December 16, 2018, Nikole P. Tucker reported that she had been forcibly raped by a man while in her dorm at the State University of New York (SUNY) Adirondack. Police responded and began investigating her claims. During the investigation, police discovered text messages between the 20-year-old Tucker and the man she accused, which proved the sexual encounter had been entirely consensual.

Democrats don't want to confiscate our guns, they simply wish for common sense gun reform:

Yet, they do everything they can to make our guns illegal, and if they can't get to our guns, they are doing all they can to go for the ammo.  In the end, they truly do wish to confiscate our firearms.  And, historically, when the public is not armed, and the government is, no good ever comes out of it ... only death.  In California, new governor Gavin Newsom and his legislative minions are proposing a whole slew of new anti-gun laws that were even too radical for the previous governor Jerry Brown (who vetoed most of them).  Oregon, not to be out-gunned by California has been proposing laws that are even worse than what California has been pushing for.  In the 2nd Amendment the clause states that we have a right to "keep and bear" our arms.  If you look up the word "bear" in the 1828 Webster's Dictionary so as to reveal the original intent of the language, one of the examples for the word "bear" in that dictionary is "to bear arms in a coat"  Therefore, even the necessity of a permit to conceal carry is unconstitutional . . . a reality that lawyers in Illinois, fortunately, have realized.

There is no voter fraud:

Interestingly, in all cases of voter fraud that have been found out, almost all of the cases resulted in a benefit for Democrat Party candidates.  In California, the liberal left progressive commie Democrats made ballot harvesting legal to help the Democrat effort to steal more seats, a practice illegal in nearly all of the other States.  California was sued by judicial watch regarding their voter rolls, where registration exceeds the number of voters eligible to vote.  As a result, California has been ordered by the courts to clean up its voter rolls.  California's level of compliance is yet to be seen.  Democrats, angry that some States refuse to conform to their demands are trying to unconstitutionally use federal law to strip the States of controlling the manner and procedures of elections, and automatically register people who would traditionally (based on their demographics) vote Democrat.  In other words, since the whistle is being blown on voter fraud, the Democrats are seeking ways to legalize their unethical, corrupt and criminal election shinanigans.

Planned Parenthood and Reproductive Rights are not about abortion:

Have you ever noticed that the Democrats never use the word "abortion"?  They don't wish you to realize that they are actually the party of death, and yes, they support the barbaric belief that killing babies while they are still in the womb is somehow not evil.  Planned Parenthood, which unconstitutionally receives federal funding, has always claimed their primary purpose was women's care, or as the latest buzz-term calls it, "reproductive health."  They are such a powerful and well-connected faction that when James O'Keefe exposed them for selling baby body parts, the courts turned against the whistle-blowers and sent those who exposed the sickening crimes of Planned Parenthood to jail.  The whole thing was so ridiculous that even the left-wing Los Angeles Times agreed that the charges and legal attack against the undercover journalists was uncalled for, and politically motivated.  I think that's why New York just legalized abortion anytime during a pregnancy . . . for the body parts (and therefore, for the money that's involved with such illegal practices).

Illegal Immigrants are all families seeking a better life, and open border policies are not dangerous:

What catapulted Donald J. Trump to the lead of the GOP ticket in 2016 was his stance on illegal aliens, and his call for building a "glorious" wall along the border.  In response to the Republican Party's stance on immigration, the liberal left went all out in opposition.  Hundreds of cities and municipalities across the country have declared themselves "sanctuary cities," and States like California declared themselves a "sanctuary State".  The term "sanctuary" is meant, by the leftists, to mean that the governmental entity claiming such a distinction will not allow their local officials to cooperate with federal immigration authorities in any way.  Not only is the move unconstitutional (legislation prohibiting persons from migrating into the United States is a federal authority (Article I, Section 9) and any law contrary by State or lower agencies are in direct violation of Article VI. of the U.S. Constitution (Supremacy Clause), but it also encourages disrespect for American law, and encourages those more likely to defy the law to come to our country.

It's an interesting twist since usually Democrats are on the other side of the Supremacy Clause argument, claiming that the federal government also has supremacy over issues that are not authorized to the federal government, and, therefore, have been reserved to the States.

The problem is, sanctuary status creates a whole new slew of problems, not limited to allowing criminal aliens to walk our streets freely.  One of the claims is that if local agencies are cooperating with immigration officials, the illegal aliens see them as “immigration agents,” and when illegal aliens are victims of crime, or witnesses to crime, they will not come forward to aid police.  In other words, good immigration enforcement interferes with the ability of state and local law enforcement agencies to stop child predators, drug dealers, rapists or robbers.  The claim is false.

First of all, there is absolutely no proof to substantiate the liberal left's claims.  There is simply no documented evidence indicating that any illegal alien has ever been deported solely as a result of reporting a crime or volunteering information to the police.  When police are offered information about a crime, they do not inquire about the immigration status of the person volunteering it, anyways.  Doing so may interfere with the investigation at hand.  Immigration is a separate matter, and if it comes up, then it is addressed.  But, for the most part, law enforcement, and prosecutors, have no interest in removing the witnesses they need to successfully obtain convictions against criminals.

Sanctuary policies also do not provide illegal aliens with any permanent form of immigration relief.  At the end of the day they are still guilty of being in the country illegally, and they are technically federal fugitives who are simply avoiding apprehension by federal officials.  State and local authorities cannot legally provide illegal aliens with any type of immigration status.  What they are doing with their sanctuary policies are harboring illegal aliens and helping them evade U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  If an individual were to do the same, the crime carries with it severe penalties for violating federal law.

Most illegal aliens don't cooperate with police, even in sanctuary cities. The vast majority of illegal aliens come from countries where law enforcement authorities are either corrupt or serve as a tool of state oppression.  They don’t suddenly begin trusting American police officers because of sanctuary policies.  Besides, a large number of illegal aliens are involved in criminal activities or are members of gangs, which are also the types of people who aren't exactly going to seek a good relationship with local law enforcement.

In the long run, sanctuary policies actually diminish trust in the integrity of law enforcement and may actually inhibit information-sharing.  Promoting illegal immigration, especially when it is for political gain, erodes civic trust in law enforcement, sending a clear message that law enforcement agencies in sanctuary jurisdictions are willing to tolerate a certain level of lawlessness.

Worse, sanctuary policies actually result in the increase of criminal activity by illegal aliens. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, about 68 percent of released prisoners wind up being arrested for another criminal offense within three years and 76.6 percent end up being re-arrested within five years.  Sanctuary policies shield illegal alien criminals from arrest and removal by ICE when they are released from local jails and state prisons. As a result, illegal alien criminals return to American communities, where they regularly commit new crimes.  Many criminal illegal aliens seek out sanctuary jurisdictions because they know living in one significantly reduces the chance that they will be deported if arrested by local police. 

According to ICE estimates, roughly 2.1 million criminal aliens are currently living in the United States, over 1.9 million of whom are subject to deportation.

In addition to the crime, immigration policies that lean towards an open border also increase the flow of drugs coming across the border (90 percent of illegal drugs entering our country come across the southern border), criminal organizations derive $2.5 billion in profits every year from smuggling migrants into the U.S., and mixed into the population are a lot of very bad people.  During the last fiscal year, Customs and Border Protection agents stopped 17,000 adults at the southern border who had criminal records, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents apprehended 6,000 known or suspected gang members at the border.  

We also have to realize the flip-flopping the Democrats are guilty of, on the issue.  Many Democrats who now oppose building a wall once supported the concept. In 2006, 26 Democratic senators—including Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden—voted in favor of the Secure Fence Act, which empowered the Department of Homeland Security to build “physical infrastructure enhancements” along the border. Congress, however, has never appropriated the funds for this purpose.

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