Saturday, December 21, 2019

Constitution Radio: Killing Liberty and the Rule of Law

Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs

1-3 pm on Saturday Afternoon
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  • Merry Christmas
  • New Year, New Contract
  • Constitution Study by Douglas V. Gibbs coming to television
  • Impeachment 
    • Constitution Does not give Pelosi authority to change impeachment rules
    • Founding Principles: The Importance of Due Process
    • Congresswoman Val Demings: Trump should be impeached regardless of Quid Pro Quo
    • Pelosi: Impeachment necessary to stop voters from "dangerous" action of reelecting Trump
  • Martin v. City of Boise: Illegal to criminalize homeless behaviors
    • Cruel and Unusual Punishment, 8th Amendment
    • U.S. Supreme Court rejects the case
  • Iowa man sentenced to 15 years in prison for burning LGBTQ flag
    • Is Justice truly blind?
    • In drive for equality, why are differing political views being criminalized?
    • What would have been the penalty for burning an American Flag?  How about burning a Confederate Flag?
  • Louisiana Purchase Anniversary
  • How California aided in Virginia's flip to blue
    • Virginia another example of the dangers of democracy, and the reality that we are losing the republic
    • Virginia willing to use National Guard to enforce new gun laws
      • Why are gun laws not being challenged on the basis of constitutional prohibition of ex post facto laws?


Tom said...

Merry Christmas, Doug.

You dumbass.. lol

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Nice to see you are still alive and kicking, Tom. Last time we talked you were not in a good place. You are still in my prayers.