Friday, May 22, 2020

List of Worst Coronavirus Executive Orders

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The power hungry governors, county officials, and mayors of the Blue States revealed who they really are during this COVID-19 coronavirus scamdemic.  In all fairness, I kept track of party affiliation if possible, and there is one Republican on the list.  All of the rest are either Democrats, or I couldn't find out what the party affiliation was (marked with a ?).  Here's the worst (in addition to stay at home orders, mandatory face covering orders, and banning group gatherings):

Brighton Colorado Police, ?:
California Governor Gavin Newsom, Democrat:
Champaign, Illinois Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen, Democrat:
  • Used declaration of a coronavirus emergency to ban the sale of guns; Bearing Arms
Colorado Governor Jared Polis, Democrat:
  • Shut down restaurant on Mother's Day for violating shutdown order, "in the name of science"; Washington Times
Dallas City Attorney, ?:
  • Prosecuted salon owner for remaining open.  Business was shut down by force, she was arrested, sentenced to seven days in jail, and ordered to pay fines by Civil District Judge; Gateway Pundit ... Judge is an Obama loyalist; Gateway Pundit

Florida Monroe County Police, State Department of Transportation, ?:
  • Police checkpoints established to stop people from crossing stateline into Florida, threaten $500 fine or up to 60 days in jail; Business Insider
Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, Democrat:
  • After issuing order closing all restaurants and bar, his wife is caught in a bar violating the order; NewsMax
  • Threatens fines and prison against business owners who violate order by opening businesses before he says they can; The Hill
Kansas Governor Laura Kelly, Democrat:
  • Sues Republican legislature for overturning executive order banning church gatherings; Fox News
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Democrat:
  • Wet sand okay, but stay off of dry sand; LA Times
Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, Democrat:
  • Threatened churches he would use military force to shut them down; Western Journal.
Louisville Kentucky Mayor Greg Fischer, Democrat:
Maine Governor Janet Mills, Democrat:
  • Strips business of business license for violating shutdown order; Boston dot com
Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, Democrat:
Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Democrat:
  • A ban on using commercial lawn service; Detroit News
  • Stay at home order, calls protests "life endangering"; MSNBC
  • Claims authoritarianism is okay when it's snowing; TODAY SHOW
  • Closes churches, but keeps abortion clinics open, calling them "life sustaining"; Fox News, 100 percent fed up
  • Legislature votes to sue governor over her orders, calling them an overreach of authority; TownHall
  • Forced most businesses to close, ordered a limitation of goods at those businesses she allowed to remain open; Rev
  • Used force to shut down 77 year old barber who defied her shutdown order; TownHall
  • Sent patients across state lines even though there were 1,000 empty beds in Detroit; Gateway Pundit
New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, Democrat:
  • Shuts down gun sales background check system because he considers firearm purchases non-essential business; TownHall
New Jersey State Health Department, Democrat:
  • Police force used to shut down reopened gym, despite the fact that other "non-essential" businesses around the State are being given the okay to reopen; NBC 10
  • Four New Jersey cities establish police check points to enforce coronavirus stay-at-home rule; New Jersey dot com
New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, Democrat:
  • Demands federal funding in phone call to President Trump because she believes coronavirus will wipe out Native American Tribal Nations; U.S. News and World Report
New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell, Democrat:
  • The mayor of New Orleans, a city infamous for confiscating firearms in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina 15 years ago, issued a COVID-19 emergency order last week allowing her to suspend the sale of firearms; TownHall.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Democrat"
  • Beaches closed, swimmers will be "taken right out of the water"; The Hill
  • Claims coronavirus opportunity to nationalize all industries; Fox News
  • Mosque allowed to remain open as churches are shut down; Big League Politics
  • Keeps quiet that expectations were far worse than reality of empty hospitals, and the Naval Hospital Ship left due to receiving no patients; Sara A. Carter
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Democrat: 
  • Forced Nursing Homes to Admit COVID-19 positive patients; Fox News
  • Golf Courses closed during pandemic; Forbes
  • New York caught padding the numbers of deaths by falsely labeling on death certificates coronavirus the cause of death; Gateway Pundit
  • Shuts down Broadway; U.S. News and World Report
New York Nassau County Official Laura Curran, Democrat:
  • Bans doubles tennis, singles okay if open court between players, don't touch other people's tennis balls; New York Post
Ohio Governor Mike Dewine, Republican:
  • Orders voting polls shut down mere hours before Primary Election; CNBC
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, Democrat:
  • Orders all gun stores in the State to shut down.  After lawsuit, Pennsylvania State Supreme Court lets order stand; TownHall
  • Tweets threats against those who dare to defy his orders, threatens consequences against county leadership who disobeys his orders; Twitter
  • Pennsylvania caught padding number of coronavirus deaths after coroners come forward; Western Journal
  • Caught padding number of coronavirus deaths directly tied to governor; Gateway Pundit
Rathdrum Idaho Police Department, ?:
San Diego, ?:
  • Organizer of a protest against coronavirus orders arrested; CBS 8
  • Beach-goers in San Diego cited for watching sunset at the beach; Times of San Diego
  • Visitors to beach cited for non-essential travel, including persons eating lunch in their car in the parking lot at the beach; NBC San Diego
San Francisco Mayor London Breed, Democrat:
  • Using law enforcement to execute stay at home order against citizens; CNN
San Jose City Council, Democrat:
  • Considers gun stores non-essential, orders them to shut down; Mercury News
Seattle City Council, Democrat:
  • $100 million coronavirus fund created for illegal aliens; Sean Hannity
Washington Governor Jay Inslee, Democrat:
Westport Connecticut Police Chief Foti Koskinas:
Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers, Democrat:
  • State Supreme Court finds governor's orders an overreach of authority; RedState

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