Tuesday, June 09, 2020

How the Founding Fathers Handled Disease Epidemics

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host
Thank you to The Good Patriot for doing much of the research.

How the Founding Fathers handled the Small Pox epidemic of 1775

First, understand, Small Pox was much more deadlier than COVID-19 and medicine was not as advanced.  The mortality rate of small pox was about 10%, while the mortality rate of the novel coronavirus, thanks to anti-body studies revealing that there are many more cases than we thought (but they were asymptomatic), is around 0.02%.

a) Small Pox was new to the colonists, but had been in Europe for a longer period, so the level of immunity in British Troops was better than that of the American militias.  Therefore, for those entering the fight of the Revolutionary War, inoculation and a two week period of isolation to ensure the weakened version of the disease was not being spread, was required of new recruits, during which time they used the time to train and prepare for entering the theater of war.

b) A vaccine was available, but aside from the military recruits, it was completely voluntary for members of the public.  The inoculation was a weakened version of the disease, and did not contain unnatural ingredients like today's vaccines.

c) The sick was quarantined, and in some cases forbidden to leave their houses.  Healthy individuals, however, were not quarantined, and aside from a few travel restrictions, went about their normal business.

d) All places of businesses remained open unless the proprietors had small pox and were not capable of conducting business due to being ill.

e) There was not a gradual reopening of the country or a new normal.  Once the disease was gone, life returned to the same style it was prior to the arrival of the epidemic.

f) There was no political agenda or narrative present.  Only the health of the citizens were a consideration.

g) Nobody was fined or jailed for disobeying mandates or quarantine policies.

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