Thursday, July 09, 2020

Hypocrisy, B.S., and Lies

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Rather than write long articles about the following, I thought we'd quickly go over a few.

COVID-19 is close to losing its epidemic status in the U.S., according to the CDC
Yet, the liberal left politicians and establishment is doubling down on their lockdown and false coronavirus directives ... especially crazies like California's Gavin Newsom.
It's all about racism, my a$$.
A Deeper Look at Black Lives Matter and its Impact
Remember, the founders of BLM say they are Marxists and Marxist trained, and if you go to their website they cater to homosexuality, transgenderism, and Marxism in their aim to fundamentally change America.
● Ilhan Omar calls for dismantling America's 'system of oppression'
This all goes way beyond wanting to defund police, it is about dismantling American Liberty and overthrowing the U.S. Constitution.
● While Pelosi Rips Trump’s Covid Response – A Company Tied To Nancy’s Husband Raked In The Cash
Follow the money.  Power and money, in plain sight and in our face, and they think they have no problem because they think they've won.  Only Trump, and others like him who recognize the truth about the deep state and the left's Marxist connections, stand in their way, and they think those people are temporary aberrations who will be swept out of the way soon enough, anyway.
● Democrats, China, the Liberal Media and Deep State Join Forces to Keep Coronavirus Fears Alive In Hopes of a Second Wave
They want this thing to last as long as possible, to destroy our economy, destroy our way of life, and destroy our resolve.
Related Article: HUGE: MASSIVE CDC FRAUD UNCOVERED – CDC Grossly Overcounting Active China Coronavirus Cases Causing States to Keep Their Economies Closed Indefinitely 
Inside the Wicked Saga of Jeffrey Epstein: The Arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell
Is the arrest of Maxwell the beginning of the fall of the hard left disease rotting inside America? 
Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Protest Leaders Throw in the Towel Following Chinese Takeover
The Chinese are feeling pretty smug, and that gives them more resources now to help the Marxists in America.
Before 'takedown' of General Flynn, he was planning to audit John Brennan for running billions 'off the books" ... All roads lead back to John Brennan
The dismissal of General Flynn's case, and his return to the fight may prove to be detrimental to the leftist cabal's now exposed underbelly. 
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Biden Lied!  House Republicans Accuse Biden of Lying to the American People About His Knowledge of the Flynn Case

Report: CBS's Catherine Herridge Shows Proof Biden Was One of the "Masterminds" Behind General Flynn Takedown

Catherine Herridge Nails Lying Biden: "It appears that Vice President personally raised the idea of the Logan Act

Cuomo to McCloskey: Let's Face It, You're The Image of White Supremacy Now
Any criticism of Black Lives Matter, any type of self-defense, or defense of your property, and simply living while white (unless you are a hard left progressive Marxist homosexual or cross-dresser) will not be tolerated, and you will be labeled as a racist.  All we're waiting for is for them to put arm bands on, and demand that we wear yellow stars on our breast.
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