Thursday, July 09, 2020

What is systemic racism?

Opinion by Allan McNew

Author's note: this is a letter to the editor in response to a local media story

The featured Record Gazette story of “Banning believes racism is a public health threat” concerning the city council raises more questions about modern racial agenda than answers about “systemic racism.”

I denounce all forms of racism regardless of the race of the racist.

I’m not from the pass Area, I came here 22 years ago. I understand there was a pool on East Ramsey placarded “No Mexicans” - there was no question that blacks were excluded. That pool was filled in during the late 1950’s. I believe there was a black principle of a Banning school during the 1980’s who was threatened by some white supremacists from Cabazon, they were run out of town, I think they went to Desert Hot Springs. Around 1960 there was a burger shop in Beaumont that refused service to “Mexicans”, they soon went out of business. The segregated “Mexican” school in Banning was a terrible place, its type was abolished by Brown vs The Board of Education in 1954. About 1960 an old Indian woman walking on the west side of Hathaway was thrown over the reservation fence by two Banning police officers, the tribe retaliated by building a new fence down the middle of the road. I vaguely recall something about Morongo partially funding Banning fire services sometime during the last 20 years. Prior to 1960 Indians would be thrown out of town because they would get drunk and tear the place up, they would get drunk and tear the place up because they would get thrown out. Indian looking “Mexicans” from the Barrio Chancla were given a hard time from Banning whites. I understand this type of thing in the light of stories I heard about my great grandmother, half Indian born about 1895. The Chancla was demolished when the freeway was built – around 1960. It is my objective observation that few whites in Banning over the last 10 years care about anyone’s race, it’s largely judgment of whether or not one is a jerk.

I have ancestors on both sides of the 1830 Indian removal act, the Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery in 1865 – 155 years ago, not one living person has experienced institutional slavery in the United States. While I am greatly sympathetic to people who were brought here as children, show me one American citizen of any racial group who has been deported since the 1930’s. Racism and discrimination is not just a white man’s disease, and I find the public health and safety issues concerning racism revolve around getting beaten down in the streets for mild disagreement with “social justice” dogma.

Obsession with race is the very definition of racism and there are greatly obsessed people of all races.

Affirmative action is an insulting expression of patronizing white racism – it clearly says “you’re too stupid to make it without my help.” No one seems to be concerned that the number one cause of death of young black men is being murdered by other young black men. The self delusion of racial activists born since 1990 who carry on as though they are veterans of 1950’s white racial discrimination on steroids is astounding.

I find that those who insist that “we need to have an honest conversation about race” are interested only in a one way, spit flying shout down with honesty taking a back seat in the bus. It is patently unfair that there are people who know nothing about me nor of my associations who will prejudge me as a relentless oppressor of everyone who is not a white, heterosexual male.

The maxim of “physician, heal thyself” clearly applies.

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