Tuesday, February 09, 2021

No Shot, No School, Even if it is Virtual

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

 My son's kids have been doing the virtual thing with school for nearly a year, now, thanks to the panic over the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Fortunately, the kids have responded well, and all of them are doing well in their classes.  The ages of the girls are eight and ten, and the boy is thirteen.

My grandson is not only doing well in school, but he is also learning to play a musical instrument.  He truly is a phenomenal child.

Every morning during the week I carefully walk to my office in a manner that I hope does not interrupt their class time.  The girls go to school with their laptops at the dining room table, and he attends his virtual class on his laptop in the back bedroom.

My son was just advised that his oldest needs a tetanus shot, of which you are supposed to get new ones every once in a while.  Here's the kicker.  Even though he is attending school from home, on a computer, away from all of the other students, if he doesn't get his shot as soon as possible, he will be removed from the public school system until he does.  And, if that happens, then my son could be in serious trouble for not having one of this kids in school.  However, the doctor we use won't give the shot because COVID-19 concerns has forced him to shut down his immunization part of his practice.

So, get a an immunization so that you can be around other students that you are not around, get it from a doctor who won't give it because of pandemic issues, and do so quickly or else your child who is not technically in class can't be in class, which is a crime, and you could be in trouble if that happens.

This is what happens when government bureaucrats run things.

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