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Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Douglas V. Gibbs with Scott McKay

 Patriot Streetfighter Constitution Classes with Mr. Constitution today at 4:00 pm Pacific.  www.scottmckay.us

Here's last week's:


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Rbam25 said...

You literally blow my mind. Thank you learning alot

Anngravell said...

Thank you I am learning so much everyone needs to learn this and then apply it to our local and federal government may God bless and watch over you

KNOW the TRUTH said...

Thank you for taking the time to teach the truth about our Conversation and how miss used it has been over the decades. I am learning so much! I am trying to figure out a way to get the millennial generation and younger in one place for say a weekend to try and bring the truth to them so they will know and can understand how great our country is and it was designed the way it was from the beginning. I would love for you to come and teach them once I get it all figured out. We have a new generation that is going to be coming out just in time to vote and I believe they need to understand and know what they are voting or all the hard work and fighting won’t give us but maybe ten years before they make it as worse as it is today or worse. My channel is KNOW the TRUTH 2 “Where everyday we are bombarded by lies, But it’s time for Truth to prevail.” I have been telling people the truth about what has been going on for years and now GOD has called me to this channel. I believe that it is so important to know the truth and I believe JESUS also thought the same when HE said in HIS word that knowing the truth will set us free. I believe that time of freedom is now! So I thank you so much for spending the truth and helping us understand what we do not know of this great document that was created so many years again and what they were thinking when they created it. May GOD bless you and your ministry of doing what GOD has called you to do!