Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Biden the Truck Driver

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

There is no record that Biden ever had a Class A license, but he doesn't care.

He was at a Mack Truck facility when he made the claim, but the only evidence he's ever been in an "18-wheeler" is from a published article that stated he rode in one as a passenger in 1973.

We have to remember the mentality (or should I say the mentally deranged state) we are dealing with. The progressive mind is so arrogant that it believes it knows everything about everything, and if it doesn't, it would be easy for them so they can make the claim, anyway.  Besides, they are so adept at lying about everything, that lying comes very easy to them, even if it means that the lie sounds completely nuts.

I am sure in Biden's mind he thinks driving a big commercial truck is like driving any other vehicle, just bigger. He figures he can just jump in and get down the road, figuring out any differences as he goes.  I've actually talked to people who figured if they knew how to drive a stick, they could drive a rig.

Not quite.

That's like someone who rides a skateboard thinking they can jump on a Harley and navigate the bike without any schooling, no problem.

I learned how to drive a rig in the late nineties and drove rigs until 2014. I've driven four different kinds of transmissions, which were each very different each other, and it took a considerable time to get used to each of them. My brother doesn't drive manual transmissions anymore, now that technology has 18-wheelers in the automatic transmission variety too. I've never driven one of those, and while I am sure they are nice, I am willing to bet they are a pain in certain situations.

As for Mr. Biden, exposing his ignorance about rigs would have been easy. Simply ask questions.

"So, Mr. Biden, when you drove an 18-wheeler, what was the key to you figuring out how to downshift on uphills?"

"Mr. Biden, were you able to float the gears, or did you continue to double clutch as long as you drove a rig?"

"Single pivot or double pivot as with a transfer? It is amazing, sir, how backing up the two are so different from each other, wouldn't you say so Mr. Biden?"

"Did you have any endorsements on your license? Which ones, or which ones do you wish you had?"

"Air pressure can be difficult, you know, with both a primary and secondary needle to watch."

"When, for you, was the best time to use your Jake Brake?"

He would have been confused, not that he already isn't about everything else.

And might I add you can't just jump into a truck and expect to drive it. When I was learning I felt like I was 16 all over again. It was a new experience, completely different from driving a regular vehicle. Between the gauges, the air brakes, the weight, and the reality of dragging behind you a long trailer, it was definitely a different experience.

I drove 53s, flat beds, and a transfer (sand and gravel), and all of them carried with them unique challenges.

No, Mr. Biden, you didn't drive an 18-wheeler. You are a liar. And if you did, feel free to answer my questions.

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