Saturday, April 16, 2022

Free because of The Spirit

by Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

What is freedom?  What is America Liberty?  What is free will?

To do as we please?

The universe has laws of physics and laws of biology, and so on and so forth.  Everything natural follows these laws.  If ever something goes outside those laws the consequences are catastrophic.  It rarely happens, but sometimes an orbiting body gets knocked off its trajectory, or a flaw in the creation of a lifeform causes a deformity, and since the body is not following the law of orbit or of life that always works properly in the grand scheme of things the result of the deviation is to skitter off course and more often than not ultimately die in the process.

Things, objects, and bodies of rock or microorganisms don't have the ability to reason like human beings, and therefore they typically don't go outside the laws that nature has in place.  The natural order of things follows a certain path, and once we learn about what that part of nature demands, it is self-evident to us how it is supposed to be.  We don't argue that the planet ought to be able to orbit in a different manner, or that a different structure of atoms or molecules ought to be allowed for the organisms to be able to portray their rebellious side, and we don't expect a rock to suddenly become liquid and we don't look at the ocean and decide it's actually a mountain because it's wrong for us to decide what its identity really is by the way it was formed.

Freedom entails the ability for us to make decisions in our lives, but some things are a part of the natural order, and we can claim we have the ability to make those decisions ourselves all we want, but in the end, those things are actually whatever they naturally are.  And, if we skid off the path of morality or the natural order of things, as with the laws of nature and the rules of science, there can be a less than desirable result to those types of decisions.

The Founding Fathers understood these truths, and proclaimed them to be self-evident.  The Declaration of Independence places the natural order of things in the hands of a creator.  The Laws of Nature and of Nature's God, they called it.  These things are self-evident, and to deviate would be wrong, and when governments chase those deviations, it is the right, and the duty, of the people to alter or abolish such a government to place it back on a path that is based on Natural Law.

Liberty is a part of Natural Law.  Our Natural Rights are a part of Natural Law.  Tyranny seeks to move us away from Natural Law, proclaiming that their definitions and their way of defining science and even creation is the correct path.  Those who dare to stand against them, in today's rise of tyranny, are "haters", or are "phobic".  We are called closed minded and unwilling to be a part of progress.

Changing the natural order of things is not progress, it is disobedience to nature, which is God, and can only ultimately cause a society to regress into an age of darkness where critical thinking, common sense, logic and truth are strangers who evades the population simply due to their ignorance and unwillingness to accept that there are absolute truths in the world.

That's not progressive, that's a one way ticket to a new dark age which, if you pay attention to history, has always led to death, and violence.

Liberty is the path to the shining light of freedom; a thing that is self-evident because deep inside our spirit we know what is right and what is wrong.  We know what the natural order of things is.  Unfortunately, we have a society convinced that the rule of man knows better, and that we should abandon the traditional understanding of the rule of law (natural law).

They are angry when you resist because their power and wealth has sunken too deep into their souls.  They can't admit they are wrong, or that what they are putting out there is tyranny.  They have been blinded by their own high opinions of themselves, and their rejection of Natural Law.  To accept that there is a Natural Rule of Law would be to admit that there is a God, and in their minds they are the gods of this world, and they are not willing to recognize any god other than themselves.

And the world will suffer, and people will die, because of their folly, unless we return our civilization back to the path that has been given to us by divine Providence.

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Unknown said...

Good job, I would argue that God made nature, He is not nature and outside of time, space and matter. Best.