Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Murrieta Constitution Class, Lesson One: New Location @ Siggys

After nearly a year in Winchester, the Temecula Valley Region Constitution Class has returned to Murrieta. At our last class we completed the U.S. Constitution, so tonight we begin with Lesson One (click on this link to download pdf of Lesson One).

The time is 6:00 pm. If enough people who attend Our Watch at 412 Church make an appearance and request an earlier time, I am more than willing to bump it up to a 5:45 pm start time in the near future to enable those who go to 412 on Wednesday Nights to be punctual for the 7:00 pm start at the church.

Location of Tonight's Constitution Class:

Siggys Restaurant

26820 Jefferson Ave.


Handouts and Pocket Constitutions will be available on site.

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