Friday, July 29, 2022

Tonight: Sovereign National, Citizenship, and if the U.S. is a Corporation...

Douglas V. Gibbs, Mr. Constitution, will be on "The World Is Awake" today, 8pm Pacific/11pm Eastern.

Doug will be participating in a debate regarding the term "citizen" (it's meaning, and whether or not the 14th Amendment tarnished, created, or clarified what citizen truly means), what it is to be a Sovereign National and if becoming a sovereign is a legitimate tactic in the Freedom Movement, the Organic Acts of 1801 and 1871 so as to reveal whether the United States is a Corporation as per the incorporation of Washington D.C., and if people can erect their own sovereign entity within the boundaries of an existing entity.  If the conspiracy theorists are correct then we are simply employees of a corporate faction who must sell ourselves away from slavery by stripping ourselves of anything and everything that makes us a part of the United States (or perhaps I should write THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA).  

Or, could it be that the very foundation of the sovereignty movement and the corporation theory is flawed?  Even worse, could it be that the movement that many of our friends, family and neighbors are chasing through State Assemblies and Sovereign National organizations is a PsyOp by the enemy?  Doug has repeatedly argued against the theory that the Organic Acts of 1801 and 1871 made the United States (via the incorporation of Washington D.C.) a corporation and that as citizens we are nothing more than employees locked into doing the bidding of the elitist corporation owners.

Doug has been asked to debate the topic with those who would believe otherwise, and has accepted.  The debate will occur on The World Is Awake on July 29 at 8pm Pacific.

 8pm Pacific/11pm Eastern on July 29 on your The World is Awake show

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