No Constitution Classes Thanksgiving Week

No Constitution Classes Thanksgiving Week

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Mainstream Media Spin in Search of a Right-Wing Murderer

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host 

The hard left are an enraged group of people.  They have been seeking the existence of a violent right-wing crazy person to prove: a) guns are bad; b) people who believe in guns are bad; c) right-wingers are crazy, gun-totin', angry white people who hate those horrible left-wing sinners so much that they are willing to go on a murderous rampage to satisfy their enraged hate of anyone who isn't like them.

The narrative never seems to meet any instance of reality.  Oh, they'll claim they have examples, but none of the accused are truly "right-wingers".

I must pause, here, to seize the moment for a necessary moment of constitutional literacy.

On the political scale the far right is no government (anarchy), the far left is total government (oligarchy, which includes socialism, authoritarianism, and fascism), and the dead-center is the U.S. Constitution (constitutional moderates).  The farther away you get from the Constitution, the more violent the groups are.  The Republicans are definitely not "right-wing" because they want bigger government than what the Constitution calls for.  But, despite being "to the left" of the Constitution, Conservative Republicans tend to be elderly, or scholarly youngsters, who simply wish to use the system (and perhaps a few rallies along the way) to "get their country back".  Lefty Republicans are also usually harmless, though politically deceptive and manipulative.  Your average Democrat is usually an average joe who could care less, but they vote Democrat because the alternative is, in their minds, racist or uncaring when it comes to taking care of the poor.  Then, as you move more left, the real violent ones emerge.  Antifa.  Black Lives Matter.  The kind of people only circuses used to hire.  They are angry.  They want their way no matter what.  They are even willing to pull out a gun if they have to, even though they claim guns kill and nobody should be allowed to have one.  They resemble their cousins who reside on the "far right," anarchists, and in fact, these two extreme inhabitants of the far corners of the political spectrum usually wind up being allies.

But, since you, my fine reader, are a constitutionalist, and you believe that law-abiding citizens who patriotically love the biblical foundation of the U.S. Constitution and the framework of our republic ought to own guns legally, and carry them as they please, you must be among the dangerous ones.  And, the leftist media is doing what they can to find an example, just one example, to prove how dangerous you truly are capable of being.

Enter, stage left, The mass murdering "homo-hating" shooter over the weekend who, in his crazy, anti-gay, right-wing rage shot up a homosexual night club in Colorado.  It was, we have been told, obviously a hate crime against the homosexual alphabet community, and the mainstream narrative did everything they could to convince you that Anderson Lee Aldrich is a right-wing extremist who probably flies Trump flags, and hangs out at gun ranges.

Except, none of the claims are true.

When Aldrich's attorneys filed motions for the court in the paperwork, however, a curious thing happened.  The filing states that the crazy right-wing, homo-hating GOPer is actually...“non-binary.”

Most non-left, constitutional loving, patriots don't even know what "non-binary" means, but they know it's one of those "don't call it a he or a she" things.

Charges have yet to be filed against Aldrich for killing five people in his shooting rage, and despite the fact that the shooter has more in common with his victims in the sense of belief-system than the media would like to admit, the charges will likely include murder and "hate crimes".

That said, should the court recognize Aldrich's non-binary status, it may be difficult to prove the hate-crime part of the whole thing, or make such an argument stick, since that would involve proving that Aldrich acted out of bias against a community in which he belongs.

Aldrich also has a history of potential violence.  He was arrested in 2021 on suspicion of making bomb threats.

The unhinged 22-year old's motive in this latest act of rage-with-a-gun is still unknown.  

“The motive of the crime is part of the investigation and whether this was a hate crime is part of that investigation,” Deputy Chief Adrian Vasquez of the Colorado Springs Police Department said.

Vasquez also noted that at least two firearms were recovered at the scene, but only confirmed that the suspect used a rifle in the shooting. According to the deputy chief, investigators are still trying to determine if the other firearm found at the club belonged to the suspect.

Aldrich's claim to be non-binary puts a real wrinkle in the game the hard-left plays.  According to news articles there have been those on the left who have speculated that the defense is fabricating Aldrich’s status as non-binary for political reasons.  But, we are told that if you don't believe someone's claim to their identity you are then going against the left’s own rules on selecting identity.  It is considered “bigoted” by the woke to deny anyone’s claimed identity for any reason.  If he says he’s a “they/them,” it seems unlikely the prosecution would challenge the claim, which then strangles the left with their own rules, which will in turn leave any hate crime charges off the table.

When you reside in a world of untruth and fantasy the rules, and the facts, never add up.

As for me, I hate the fact that anything has to be politicized in the first place.  He's an alleged killer who used a tool (gun) to kill other people, and for it, if proven guilty in a court of law with a proper administering of due process, should be executed for his crimes.  If he wants "they" put on his headstone, or "MX. Aldrich", let him have it, but if he ever gets dug up some day in the future a DNA test will conclude that he's a dude.

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