Friday, December 30, 2022

Video: State Nullification and Executive Orders


Anonymous said...

You are exactly right, and exactly wrong at the same time.
You do not seem to be aware of president's war and emergency powers.
Go back to first executive orders taken as law (Lincoln) and see under what conditions they started. We have been under that condition ever since, and everything congress does is just pantomime, and goes only if the king approves.
We have not been a Republic since Lincoln. We have not been at peace since the same communist president. He even rewrote the constitution.
Fortunately for the unaware, the US corporation is bankrupt and done for.
I welcome the return to constitution and Republic.

Robert Guzina

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

I am aware that they perceive that emergency and war powers legally exist. There is no mention of the constitution being able to be set aside for such reasons, and executive orders cannot be used to establish such precedent. Executive Orders may not change the constitution, and they are not legally binding. As for the U.S. Corporation argument, that too is riddled with flaws, of which we can talk about another time.