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The January 6 Mob That Wasn't

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The claim by Democrats and their Establishment Republican allies that January 6 was an attempt at overturning the 2020 Election, that it was an attempt to stage an insurrection, that it was a violent riot, and that Donald J. Trump was guilty of inciting violence has all been debunked, again, this time with the release of over 40,000 hours of video footage from the alleged Capitol Riot over two years ago.  The footage was provided to Fox News for Tucker Carlson.  Tucker Carlson's team went through tens of thousands of hours of video footage, and Carlson delivered on his program, March 6 and 7, blockbuster material that confirmed what I have believed about January 6, 2001 all along.  It was not a violent riot, it was not Trumpster Nationalism (whatever that is) attempt to overturn the election or overturn the government, it was not a staged event that Trump Supporters organized and carried out.

The "nationalist" part really burns my bacon.  I have never been fond of the word nationalism. It's a shame that the Democrats and Trump Camp both misunderstand what it even means.  Nationalism is presented as being something that means "my people over your people."  Hitler claimed his system was socialist nationalism, so the word nationalism is tied to his whole master race thing, and now the Democrats claim it's just another way to say "white supremacy."  Just because someone uses a term inaccurately does not mean it suddenly means what they think it means.  

Meanwhile, Trump and many of his supporters have embraced the word "nationalism," claiming it is just another way of saying patriotism.

From the Founding Fathers' point of view "patriotism" means love of country, and "nationalism" is love of government and support of a centralized government system that consolidates all political power into a single governmental system.  Despite some of my colleagues using the word "nationalism" to describe Trump's movement, I have not, and I will not, because unlike most of the commentators out there, I actually know what the word means.

So, when January 6 is uttered in mixed company, thanks to the deceptive use of the word "nationalism" through anti-Trump propaganda, the "Capitol Riot" from a couple years ago has been spun as a nationalist mob of violent insurrectionists attempting to overturn an election and doing so in such a manner that the violent white supremacist nationalists under the orders of Trump’s riot-inciting words committed crimes against the United States that can be compared to Pearl Harbor and 9/11.  If you believe any of that crap you are an idiot, and I implore you to keep reading.  Hell, you might actually depart from Political Pistachio a little more educated than you were when you arrived.

Recently I was shouted down by someone who disagrees with me, and his statements were quite interesting.  He shouted over me, not allowing me to get a word in edgewise.  "You love violence," he screamed.  "That's why you defend January 6, isn't it!  You love violence, you are an insurrectionist, and I know you knew a bunch of Oath Keepers.  I ought to call the FBI right now and have you arrested for being an insurrectionist."

He, like many of the average folk out there, had been convinced anyone like me was a racist, too.  The leftist propaganda has worked well on the weak minds of Americans.

Kind of reminds me of that Obi Wan Kenobi scene.  "These are not the droids you are looking for.  He can go about his business.  Move along. The Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded.."

The adult temper tantrum by the individual shouting at me included a number of ridiculous accusations, but the January 6 one had me shaking my head the most.  He had also said he listened to my radio programs, and it was the most "narrow-minded thing" he had ever listened to.

The public believes that January 6, 2021 was a violent insurrection, and many Americans, even friends and former battlemates of mine, believe the lies, even to the point of severing relationships.

I knew the person shouting at me was lying about listening to my show because if he listened to my radio broadcasts he would know my opinion about January 6, 2001 because I talk about it often; and what he spewed was not even close to the truth.  I knew from the beginning the January 6 narrative being presented by the Democrats and establishment GOP was all lies.  I knew people who were there on that day, and I used some logic and critical thinking to try to put together the pieces.  I knew immediately that the puzzle pieces were not fitting into place as we were being instructed.  The narrative being given by politicians and the media was untrue.

The short-quick version is that the breach of The Capitol, and the actions of people who were acting in a manner that filled leftist video-screens constantly afterward to shape the "insurrectionist" narrative all happened prior to the folks at the Trump Rally nearby even arrived (in other words the crowd was infiltrated by leftists).  When the Trump Supporters arrived, they were confused, didn't know what was going on, and were being herded and guided by Antifa and government operatives (largely FBI and the Capitol Police) into the Halls of Congress.  The Trump supporters were not violent, they did not act in an insurrectionist manner, and if anything they treated the whole situation more like a tourist visit than an attempt to "overthrow the election."  Did they believe the election was stolen?  Yes, and there is plenty of evidence to support that claim.  But, they weren't there to do anything other than show support for their President and voice their concerns.  They were there to pray, speak out, podcast, peaceably gather together to show their support, and use that action to ensure their frustrations were heard by Congress and the people who might be able to do something about the stolen election.  In other words, they were there to exercise the five rights listed in the First Amendment:
  1. Religion/Prayer
  2. Speech
  3. Press
  4. Assembly
  5. Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances
By the way, that amendment begins with the words, "Congress shall make no law respecting..."

  1. 12:00 pm: Trump's speech began.
  2. 1:00 pm: Outer barricades stormed by protesters.
  3. 1:10 pm: Trump's speech ended according to Washington Post.
  4. 1:30 pm: Capitol Police overtaken at steps of Capitol.
  5. 1:41 pm: Arrival of first Trump speech attendees, which would be those who did not stop to use the restroom, grab a bite to eat, or go to their hotel first, but walked immediately to the Capitol at the pace suggested as the average time it takes according to Google Navigator.  Understand, it likely took longer since so many people clogged the streets.
  6. 2:15 pm: Capitol building actually breached by protesters.
  7. 2:50-3:00 pm: Likely earliest arrival time of Trump supporters from rally who heard Trump speak if they lingered, or grabbed a bite to eat, or went to their hotel rooms before proceeding towards Capitol.
By the way, even the FBI, who has not exactly been allies of the American People in recent years, recognized that there was no insurrection on January 6, that Trump Supporters in no way had orchestrated a planned attack, which means Donald J. Trump DID NOT incite rebellion or insurrection...

Nonetheless, The Democrat Party's Standing Army, a.k.a. FBI and other federal agencies, went after anyone and everyone who may have been in the area on January 6.  They raided the homes of some friends of mine who were there near the Capitol to pray for truth to be revealed, and to pray for President Trump.  They arrested the brother of a friend of mine for being there, and he wasn't.  Then, the House of Representatives held an unconstitutional hearing, and while it was going on released thousands of social security numbers to the public, in an alleged leak, of their political opponents.  Then, a year and a half later Biden threatened all who stands against him and his cronies in a speech that had lighting that looked eerily authoritarian.

In my heart of hearts I know that Trump supporters are not violent people, and somehow the information coming out of the news and political outlets from Washington D.C. was not telling the whole story, and was painting these concerned Americans in a manner that made them look like terrorists.  The narrative was a lie, and there was much more to the story than we were being told.  The official story, in short, was a total lie.  A sham.  And what was worse is the Democrats and their violent allies were doing worse than what the Trump Supporters were being accused of on January 6, and the lefties were getting away with all of it with impunity.

I spoke with a minister, Ren Schuffman, who was there on January 6.  He confirmed for me what I believed, and then told me a story about how on January 7 another confrontation almost broke out...until the crowd broke out into a singing of Amazing Grace and Prayer.

→ Screenshots from a Discord chat channel allegedly hosted by John Sullivan – a far-left, anti-Trump activist who appears to have incited violence at the U.S. Capitol while posing as a journalist – reveal he and his followers infiltrated the January 6th Save America March in Washington, D.C. ...

→ ANTIFA Activist Daniel Alan Baker Arrested For Plotting To MURDER Trump Supporters...Says He ‘Received Soros Money’ In Youtube Video ...

→ James, brother of accused leftist provocateur John Sullivan, claims 226 Antifa members started Capitol riots -- As Rudy Giuliani noted on Twitter, why wasn't this brought up during the sham impeachment hearings? ...

→ BLM instigator of Capitol riots, John Earle Sullivan, arrested: The Utah Black Lives Matter "activist" has been bragging about his involvement in instigating the Capitol riots. Now, he's been arrested. ...

→ Feds admit Capitol “siege” was planned in advance by Trump haters, not Trump supporters ...

→ ‘We Did It!’: CNN’s Jade Sacker caught celebrating with BLM instigator John Sullivan during Capitol riots ...

→ Investigators believe riot at Capitol was planned and not inspired by President Donald Trump. But Democrats impeached before they had any information from investigators. ...

→ The Capitol Hill Riot Was Pelosi’s Fault, Not Trump’s ...

→ The media has manipulated public opinion to demonize protesters as a violent threat when in actuality they were the ones getting brutalized and even killed for exercising their 1st Amendment rights ...

→ Did You Notice the Jan 6 Crowd Cheered When Trump Touted Harsher Penalties for Monument-Trashers? ...

→ Antifa 'Provoked' Ashli Babbitt Shooting at Capitol, Expert Analysis Concludes: Misako Ganaha reveals far-left 'agitators' triggered fatal shooting ...

We know the leftist Democrats lie about everything, so how is it that anyone was foolish enough to believe their narrative about what happened on January 6?

I am especially disappointed in the "conservative never-Trumpers", one of whom wrote on my Twitter page, "If you supported this challenge, you are dead to me. Never speak to me again. Get off my site and never come back." ... Once, you were my friend. Once, you (perhaps) were a constitutional originalist. Now, you are the Constitution's enemy - and my own. ... The nauseating scene in Washington, D.C., is Trump’s fault." 

 How is it that a conservative, blinded by their hatred for Trump, can become so blind? So filled with hate? So off the reservation? So quick to believe that what the Democrats were presenting had any truth to it?

Nancy Pelosi held a January 6 commission to double-down on the lie.  The Democrats decided to use some sleight of hand to get you away from the facts, and then mixed in all kinds of Hollywood worthy acting, false testimony, and other lies to make you believe that Trump Supporters in general were guilty of domestic terrorism.  They want you to believe it is not they who are tearing down the American System, but that it is their opponents; those who dare to support Donald J. Trump.

The chairman, Mississippi Representative Bennie Thompson, during the January 6 hearing, made a shocking statement about how he intended to deal with a subpoenaed Trump supporter who worked at the Justice Department, Jeffrey Clark –- someone who never entered the Capitol that day and was never accused of any crime.

“Our charge is to get to the facts,” he said on MSNBBC. “Mr. Clark, through his attorney, has been deliberately avoiding us...Obviously, he is aware that something went on that’s illegal. And rather than be responsible and answer, he’s pleading the Fifth. But if he’s saying, ‘Okay, I’ll come, but I’ll plead the Fifth, then in some instances, that says you’re, part and parcel, guilty to what occurred.”

The stage show by the Democrats was remarkable, moving to the front of the line regarding Congressional duties.  And for refusing to comply, the committee voted unanimously to recommend that Clark be charged with contempt of Congress.

Jeffrey Clark knew his testimony might be twisted and used by these partisan crazies to make him LOOK guilty.  So, he refused.  

Tucker Carlson long before his recent big reveal of all of the January 6 footage noted that Democrats on the committee (including Liz Cheney) subpoenaed AT&T for the phone records of Caroline Wren, who used to work as a fundraiser for Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham and who helped organize donations for the January 6 rally. This includes all records, including text messages, from November 1, 2020, to January 31, 2021. They also want her bank records and even everything she’s written in her own handwriting, including personal diary entries. Talk about an overreach --- this is monstrous.

And apparently that was just one example. Others who have yet to be accused of any crime are being treated the same way. Republican attorney Cleta Mitchell was informed by AT&T that the committee wanted several months of her phone records. This is because she was on a phone call with President Trump and the Georgia secretary of state about problems with the vote in Georgia. (Oh, goodness, don’t tell me there might have been problems with the vote in Georgia!)

AT&T is complying with the committee’s requests.

Another Trump supporter targeted with a subpoena was attorney John Eastman, who worked with Trump in the election aftermath and spoke at the January 6 rally.  Verizon notified him that unless he got a court order to stop it, they would turn over his personal text messages to the committee. The Washington Examiner reported on it.

I expressed strong suspicions that the FBI had agents mixed in with the crowd during Trump’s rally, spurring on the “insurrection;" leading it.  Causing it.  

Those arrested were denied due process.  The federal government continually violated the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments with their treatment of those they arrested regarding January 6.  During all of it we began to wonder if the Republicans would ever get a shot at looking into the whole issue.  We all knew what the whole thing really was.  It was a warning to the American People, in case they too thought they might also question government and make a stance against the power-players in charge.

The whole process cherry-picked opponents of the Democrats, while leaving their allies alone.  The enemies of Donald Trump, during their witch hunt based on false data and a massive deceptive narrative about January 6, used everything at their disposal.  Judges allied with the criminals in government ruled Trump was complicit in trying to overturn the election, political opponents were being targeted by the Democrats as they searched to arrest as many people associated with January 6 as possible, even going after any Republican Party connected fundraising effortsDoctoring the footage and refusing to show us the whole story was all a part of doing what they could to keep power, and throw anyone like Trump who might expose them off their backs.  The whole operation included undercover agents who had infiltrated the ranks of Trump Supporters, with Capitol Police literally leading people into the Capitol, and at one point even pushing people toward the Capitol.  Meanwhile, those falsely arrested and held for their alleged crimes on January 6 were denied due process, and treated inhumanely.

Tucker Carlson has revealed what really happened, and now the other side is freaking out because the truth is exposing their corruption.  Yet, the members of Congress on the January 6 Committee also admitted that they had never seen the footage Tucker Carlson showed, before.

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