Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Wokeism is Communism, a deceptive masquerade in the guise of democracy

by Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The Soviet Union, Communist China, and other socialist countries in history have all murdered and failed their people. It is a failed policy now as it always has been, but now it has increased its march through the heart of America under the guise of democracy, the general welfare, fairness, equity, and the Woke Culture. The education system has been indoctrinating our youth with promises of fairness and equity under Marxism as the media and entertainment industry champions the ideals of the kind of communistic thinking we spent nearly an entire century defeating prior to the millennium. No matter its name, no matter the banner it rises under, socialism is always as dangerous and evil as any totalitarian system in history. When Franklin Delano Roosevelt had fallen victim to Stalin's charms, and fell for the deception of communism during World War II, Senator Robert Taft warned, “The victory of communism would be far more dangerous to the United States than the victory of fascism.There has never been the slightest danger that the people in this country would ever embrace…Nazism…But communism masquerades, often successfully, under the guise of democracy, though it is just as alien to our principles as Nazism itself. It is a greater danger to the United States because it is a false philosophy which appeals to many. Fascism is a false philosophy which appeals to very few indeed.”

Nisbet, Roosevelt and Stalin, 24; Tim Tzouliadis, The Forsaken: An American Tragedy in Stalin's Russia (New York: Penguin, 2008), 240

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