Monday, May 15, 2023

Words Don't Injure, You Idiot*

By Douglas V. Gibbs

It's a harsh word, I hear.  In fact, language seems to be full of words that are not very kind.  Get over it, quit crawling into the corner into a fetal position because someone said something that hurts your feelings, and realize that people saying things that you don't like is simply a part of life.  Human nature dictates that we are not all the same, we tend to seek out what is in our own best interest, and we are not fond of people who operate in a manner that is outside our morals, or agreed-upon norms, or personal tastes, or whatever else you can come up with.  Words are only words.  There is no hate-speech.  If you don't like what I have to say, so be it.  Turns out, I don't agree with a bunch of you, either.

If you are still reading this article after completing the first paragraph, congratulations, you are either a member of a group of people who know how to reason, critically think, and buck-up when your feelings are tested, or you are a slimy, scum suckin', gut grindin', sleazy, dirty, lousy, rotten (to borrow a few words from Freddie Blassie) snowflake who might have a snowball's chance in Hell to pull your head out of your butt and see a little daylight.

But, I won't hold my breath on that one.

Whatever happened to "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me"?  When did we, the members of a society known for being a bunch of rugged individuals who roll up their sleeves when the going gets tough, become such a sissy, pussy-whipped, gutless, crying, victimhood chasing, irresponsible, sniveling bunch of girly-men who can't even listen to a conversation without regurgitating rotten twisted rainbows and foul smelling, nation-killing, ideologically idiotic tripe?

I don't agree with immoral ideas that challenge everything God created, and places our kids in the hands of a bunch of sick-minded people who have sexuality dominating each and every thought, move, and action of their lives.  

Sickos and bullies in my life didn't send me into a basket-case quandry.  I am not fond of those things people did to me when I was younger that were hurtful at the time, or outright wrong, but they didn't make me who I decided to be in a psychological manner.  I decided I was more than my past, and my environment, and I became confident about who I am and where my path someday might lead me.  In short, while those things are memories I am not happy about, and they have indeed influenced my perception of the world to a point, I am not freaked-out about it all.  Things happen.  The bullies in my life taught me to toughen up, man-up, and realize that life isn't fair.  We are not equal.  We all begin in a different place, with different hang-ups, and different environmental factors, and then when we get out into the world it turns out we are even more different than everyone else than we had imagined.  Not everyone is as free and easy as I in certain situations, or as detail oriented as I am in others.  My skill-set is different than everyone else's, and the boss doesn't care if you have a headache, a butt-ache, feel sad, or that your co-worker keeps making screwed-up remarks.  Shut up, buck-up, and get the job done.  Work at work, talk when it's time to talk, be entertained on your own time, and for God-sake, get some sleep rather than staying up at nights crying because some straight guy called you a "fag," or some white dude called you a "nigger," or some Mexican dude called you a "whetto," or some other idiot called you some other name that has you all up in arms.  Who cares?  That is their problem.  They are the jerk, and you should know who you are, and what they say can't change that.  Grow a spine, operate in a manner appropriate so as to not cause chaos, and don't hang out with the jerks who bother you in such a way.  

We even cry about what is on the air or online.  There are those seeking to censor certain people or channels because they follow a line of thinking that the "angry leftwing ones" might consider to be misinformation, or a bigoted way of looking at things.  If you are among those people who do that, change the channel if the host ticks you off, don't visit the social media personalities that say things you think is misinformation, or start your own show or blog or whatever.  Or, listen, perhaps they see things you don't see, or maybe, just maybe, they might possess a nugget of truth that might sway your thinking on something.  Either way, they have a right to believe and say what they want, and so do you.  And, if you're not sure about the information you are hearing, feel free to do some research on your own to find out rather than hang your every decision on the words of politicians and corporations who in the end are probably lying to you because they want more power, or more money out of your pocket.  Then, while you're at it, quit chasing after stupid crap like the argument that men can get pregnant, men in dresses should be able to walk into women's bathrooms, or participate in women's sports, and who cares if your mommy or daddy or sister or brother or uncle or aunt or neighbor treated you in a way that was not proper -- get over it, chalk it up as a fouled up moment of life, separate yourself from those people if you have to, and navigate life with confidence and purpose.

Their words and actions don't own you.  You do.  

And if you now are at a point where you really don't like what I had to say in this article, don't come back to my website, take a deep breath, and quit trying to force everyone to agree with you.  If I don't agree with you, to be honest I don't care if your knickers are all up in a bunch over it.  And just remember, forcing people to accept homosexual rainbows, men in dresses, social justice as you view it, the dead-end street of forced equity by rule of law, or baking a cake that they don't want to make because it is against what they believe, is wrong, and tyrannical.  Trying to force society to agree with you through the law and throwing temper-tantrums through riots and other violent forms of interaction makes you no different than Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, Josef Stalin and the Soviets, and the Communist Chinese.  Shut up, deal with the fact that I don't agree with you, and let me say and think what I want to without trying to force me with courts and political strategies to change my mind.  You want to change my mind?  Let's engage in civil discourse.  Let's have a healthy debate, a calm conversation, and meeting of the minds.  Otherwise, I really don't care what you have to bark about.

By the way, before you start making decisions about who I am, what I am, or what my background or ideological stance is, understand my primary way of operating is to judge folks by their character.  But, if you act in a manner I don't agree with, don't expect me to want to hang out with you.  People who are not willing to listen, or are too narcissistic to carry on a normal conversation, are a waste of my time and I will not carve out of my day valuable time to waste on a blowhard, pea head, grit eatin', lousy, miserable, unwilling, out-of-their-mind, hard left snowflake.

Oh, and don't forget to pray about it.  If you are one of those snowflake folks I've been talking about in this piece, it sounds like you need a lot of prayer.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

* Slander excepted.

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Well, you bigot, nazi, racist, transphobe, fascist, white supremacist trump lover, you!
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