Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Tuesday Constitution Classes by Douglas V. Gibbs

Look closely, things are changing for Tuesdays...

  • Fallbrook: Last Class with Alan Myers, Pastor Stan will be visiting, Next week we start over at the beginning of the Constitution.
  • Online Class is moving away from YouTube, to a Rumble Channel called Untold History Channel.
  • San Juan Capistrano will be discontinued after the June 6 class due to lack of minimum participation number being reached. It has been a pleasure teaching the class. If you wish to say goodbye, pay us a visit Tuesday Night at Bravos.

Tuesday Constitution Classes

11:00 AM


Tuesday Morning, 11:00 am, Fallbrook Constitution Class, Emmanuel Baptist Church, 911 E. Elder Street.

Monetary System Education (FedEd) Week 4, Alan Myers


Q&A with Alan Myers and Douglas V. Gibbs

3:00 PM


Online Mr. Constitution Class: we air weekly live with a chatroom, or you can listen any time later. 

This week: New Class at a new location...

Untold History Channel


6:00 PM

Final Class

San Juan Capistrano

Tuesday, 6:00 pm, Bravos California Fresh at 31722 Rancho Viejo Road in San Juan Capistrano 

(in the patio area)

This Week:

Final Amendments

Tuesday Night, June 6, will be the last meeting of this class for now. The San Juan Capistrano Class will be discontinued after its June 6 meeting. Thank you for your support and attendance. Tuesday Night will be open for other cities, TBD, possibly Yucaipa/Redlands area.

Learn about all of the classes at:


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