Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saint Nicholas Interviewed on Constitution Radio!

All of you listeners, gather the kids around the computer so that they can watch Saint Nicholas in the KCAA Studio with Douglas V. Gibbs for this once in a lifetime interview!  Tune in at 2:00 pm Pacific at and hit the U-Stream Link on the main page to watch and listen to Douglas V. Gibbs interview Ol' St. Nick himself.  We will discuss the early history of Saint Nicholas, how he became a patron saint, and how the tale of the red-suited gift giver of Christmas evolved in America. Don't miss it!

Podcasts will be available on the Podcast Page.

Then, after Saint Nicholas departs to get ready for Christmas, we will tell you about the Book of the Week by Prying1Books, and ask the Constitution Quest Question of the Week, where you can win a free book, free Pocket Constitution, and Constitution Quest T-Shirt.

And of course in the final segment we will discuss the. . .

5 Big Stories of the Week, December 22, 2012

Honorable Mention:  The Apocalypse was a Dud

Honorable Mention:  Benghazi Report: Systemic Failures in Security

5.  Nullification of Obamacare

4.  President Barack Obama is TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year

3.  The Fiscal Cliff and the Death of Plan B

2.  Gun Control

1.  Robert Bork, R.I.P.

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