Friday, May 29, 2015

FBI Overwhelmed By U.S. Islamic State Recruits

by JASmius

You know that erased southern border Barack Obama refuses to control? And the millions of illegals he's been importing for six years? And the total penetration of the U.S. government, at The One's gracious invitation, of the Muslim Brotherhood? And his general, all-around refusal to take the rising, existential jihadist threat seriously? Well, this is what happens: every American State except (to date) Alaska under dire threat of small to massive terrorist attack.

And what is this jihadist lure? The same thing that has attracted hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans, and definitely thousands of Europeans, to flock to ISIS in their home base of Iraq and Syria: Islamic Fundamentalism. As FBI Director James Comey (obviously indiscretely) said, we've moved even beyond that, as due to the aforementioned Islamist infiltration of the United States (gives you a freshly updated look at Barack Obama's and Eric Holder's hardcore desire to import captured jihadists from Gitmo into our civilian criminal justice system, doesn't it?), the ubiquity of global social media, and the systematic de-Christianization of Europe and even the United States (another high-priority Obamunist project), spiritually empty Americans can and are filling themselves up with Mohammedite poison and both acting upon Qu'ranic teachings and spreading the contagion ever further. Another readily receptive audience for it? Barack Obama's race warriors in the Black Klan.

Still want to convince me that O is "incompetent"? It looks to me like he thought out and through this entire "fundamental transformation" strategy more thoroughly than anybody else could ever have imagined.
-Me, sixteen weeks ago

And now the FBI is finally catching up to the realization of how dreadfully far behind they really are:

The FBI has called upon the New York Police Department and other law enforcement agencies across the country to help track the growing population of Islamic State followers in the United States in an attempt to head off possible attacks on home soil.

According to CNN, the FBI is struggling to maintain surveillance on the growing number of homegrown terrorists, acknowledging that it does not have enough resources to monitor their interactions on social media.

FBI Director James Comey told a group of police officials that there are hundreds of suspects who need to be monitored. As a result, police agencies are adding surveillance teams to help the FBI monitor suspects.

"It's an extraordinarily difficult challenge task to find — that's the first challenge — and then assess those who may be on a journey from talking to doing, and to find and assess in an environment where increasingly, as the attorney general said, their communications are unavailable to us even with court orders," Comey said, according to CNN.

"They're on encrypted platforms, so it is an incredibly difficult task that we are enlisting all of our state, local, and federal partners in and we're working on it every single day, but I can't stand here with any high confidence when I confront the world that is increasingly dark to me and tell you that I've got it all covered," he said.

And just think, my fellow Americans: Just two days from now, Rand Paul and his Democrat "bipartisan" friends will finally succeed in killing the Patriot Act stone, cold dead - just like the hundreds or thousands of American civilians to follow.

Anybody still "standing with Rand"?

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