Thursday, September 10, 2015

Trump Does His Mitt Romney Impression

by JASmius

"We must accept 'our fair share' of jihadist-infested Syrian refugees" - Donald Trump, two days ago.

Donald Trump, today: "No, we don't".

Your "savior" is flip-flopping, Tea Party Trumpsters.  Waffling.  Wavering.  His "YUGE!!" balls are reascending into his campaign abdominal cavity.  Or, at the very least, his "rookie-ness" was showing - so close to the signature issue that vaulted him to front-runner status! - getting caught completely flat-footed, not recognizing the rather day-glo obvious parallel between importing Syrian "refugees" and importing the entire population of Latin America.  And now he's had to walk it back.  Just like....a professional politician.  I thought that was something that Donald Trump would never, EVER do.  The latter is the very core of his appeal to so many ex-conservatives.  Or so I thought.

Maybe you could use an "only Nixon could go to China" parallel, but how would an unfavorable comparison of Trump to Tricky Dick help him?  Unless he's counting on today's electorate being about as familiar with the thirty-seventh POTUS as they are with Franklin Pierce or Millard Fillmore.

Which is probably a pretty good bet.

But I'm going to keep pointing out the every growing list of reasons why Donald Trump is no conservative, no Republican, belongs in the White House like a dildo in the Vatican, and ought to be hated and loathed by Tea Partiers instead of mindlessly embraced.  If only for history's sake.

UPDATE: Obama's only taking in ten thousand Syrians?  Wow, when did he become so chintzy?

UPDATE II: New York-2 Representative Peter King brings us delightfully unsurprising news about Obama's latest Executive decree:

"Today’s announcement by the White House that the U.S. will admit at least 10,000 Syrian refugees next year will put American lives at risk.

"This decision is in direct contrast to opinion of leading law enforcement and intelligence officials in this administration.

"We do not have the capability to vet these individuals nor will we be able to develop it in the next twelve months.

"The administration is moving forward full speed ahead without the necessary security backbone in place.

"It is vital that we measure our humanitarian beliefs against the security risks of bringing more than 10,000 unknown individuals into the Homeland.

"I oppose this decision. We do not want another Boston Marathon Bombing." [emphasis added]

By the standard 10% rule, that's a thousand more jihadists we'll be importing into the country.  How many did the Boston Marathon Bombing require?  Two.  The 9/11 attacks?  Nineteen.  You can do the math.

Now do you see why my surprise is that O is only accepting ten thousand "refugees"?  I'd have thought he'd try to upstage Angela Merkel and take a million.

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