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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Chicago Police Union Stands With Jason Van Dyke

by JASmius

And why are they doing so on behalf of a cop that at best got carried away in the performance of his law enforcement duties?  Because they don't want to end up gelded, blooded, gutted, and hung for #BlackLivesMatter butchering like the Baltimore PD was last spring:

The main Chicago police union is standing behind the white officer who was charged this week with first-degree murder for gunning down a black teenager. It is facing a backlash from leaders of the city's black community as a result....

Because Van Dyke is (1) white and (2) a cop and therefore deserves no due process or trial by jury or any other unalienable right as set forth in the United States Constitution, but must be sacrificed on the alter of Black Power.

The FOP's support for Van Dyke appears to have support within the union, according to email and phone interviews Reuters conducted with a number of white and black active-duty and retired cops, as well as union and black police association officials.

They stopped short of defending Van Dyke's actions - which were caught in a graphic video made public this week - but did say it was important to place them in the context of a racially divided city beset by violence.

Obviously DA Alvarez didn't bother to do that when she selected the charges she would file.

Some of the officers say they are concerned the city's police force has become a political football and is not getting enough support from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and police chief Garry McCarthy. These officers also say the decision by Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez to charge Van Dyke with first-degree murder, rather than the lesser charge of second-degree murder, was a politically motivated effort to head off outrage about the video.
"First degree is a high bar to set, and of course it's political," said one active duty police officer who asked not to be named, and who responded to written questions from Reuters by email.

Seems pretty obvious.  First degree murder is deliberate and premeditated, which hardly seems likely from the description of the incident.  Second degree murder or manslaughter appears to better fit the facts.

But this isn't about the facts or about justice, this is about appeasing the mob by making Jason Van Dyke an example and warning against cops doing what's necessary to enforce the law and protect the public if doing so requires actions that are no longer politically permitted.

And, thus, the erosion of local law enforcement towards its inevitable federalization continues.  Because once the feds are running something, it ALWAYS works better, right?

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