Sunday, November 29, 2015

Greenstremists Riot In Paris Anyway

by JASmius

Defiant SOBs, aren't they?  But also redundant, it seems to me.  Consider: Greenapalooza is going to happen this week.  "Leaders" from all over the planet are gathering to inflict collective global economic hari-kari on their citizens under false pretenses in the greatest political fraud in world history.  About what do hundreds of thousands of extreme leftwingnut lunatics have to rally, much less protest, still less riot?

I guess it's just what they do:

Hundreds of thousands of people rallied around the world Sunday on the eve of a Paris summit aimed at averting catastrophic climate change, but violent clashes in the French capital soured the show of people power.

The global protests, including an emotional linking of hands near the heart of this month's terror attacks in Paris, were aimed at building grassroots pressure for a "historic" [grrrr] deal at the UN talks to limit global warming.


But a band of anti-capitalist militants infiltrated the protests, leading to clashes with riot police in the late afternoon and the detention of more than two hundred people.

Police fired teargas at protesters, who pelted them with bottles and candles in Place de la Republique and chanted: "State of emergency, police state", referring to the post-attack protest restrictions.

French President Francois Hollande condemned the "scandalous" behaviour of the far-left [extrem]ists.

"These disruptive elements have nothing to do with defenders of the environment," Hollande said at an EU-Turkey summit in Brussels. [emphasis added]

The hell they didn't.  Hollande wishes, and wants everybody to believe, that they don't.  But they're ALL anti-capitalist militants, protesters and "world leaders" alike.  The former are just less overtly indiscrete about it.

But from a propaganda standpoint, the "militants" are serving their purpose by making their suited & tied fellow-travelers look reasonable by comparison.  But the former have absolutely nothing to worry about.

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