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Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Left Spins Paris Attacks

by JASmius

Leftwingnuts would love to already be lecturing us on "not rushing to judgment," "let's not jump to conclusions," warning us not to let our "insipient Islamphobia" run rampant over what happened in the French capital yesterday.  Their problem is that that's awfully difficult to put over this time, even for them.  There were no "provocative" pictures or cartoons or actions or "triggers," apart from the "evaporation" of Jihadi John the day before.  The press can't rush to judgment against that because it was the Obama Regime that ordered it, and if "aggressive diplomacy" against ISIS butchers could be sold to the public as being a bad idea, that Regime wouldn't be carrying it out.

The jihadist enemy isn't allowing its victims to explain away their "holy warrior" actions directly as being the latter's fault.  So what's a dhimmi to do in such a moment of extremity?

Blame it on instruments of destruction, of course:

Our hearts are with the victims and survivors of the horrific mass shooting and violent attacks in Paris today.

"Gun violence"?  The Muslim attackers were using AK-47 military assault rifles.  You can't exactly find those at your friendly neighborhood gun dealer.  They also used a number of suicide bombers, which are even more difficult for which to shop, unless you're of a DIY ("do it yourself") inclination, and even then the authorities tend to be on the lookout for such shopping "patterns".  And let us not forget that France has among the strictest gun laws in the world, so much so that, at least prior to last January's Charlie Hebdo massacre, many French police officers were not armed.  And the tool of jihad matters little to the Islamic killers, as evinced by the wave of stabbing attacks on Jews that swept through Israel last month.

The Qu'ran commands Muslims to kill non-believers.  Even if you could somehow ban all guns and knives and blunt objects and bombs, they'd find a way to mass-murder anyway.  Even with their bare hands.

France doesn't have a gun problem; they have a Muslim problem.  So does the rest of Europe, while Barack Obama is busily importing one here.

I'm still chuckling in sardonic gallows-humor fashion at the French immediately closing their borders, which they kept open even after Charlie Hebdo.  It makes one wonder if this is what it will take to keep Euros reconnected with reality and common sense, or, more likely, how long it'll be before the French reopen their borders again, so hopelessly brainwashed are they by the multi-culti mania that has largely destroyed Christian Europe.

If German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose own country is being inundated by Muslim savages at an even faster rate, is any indication, it'll probably be a matter of days, or weeks at the outside:

Chancellor Angela Merkel put up a spirited defense of her leadership on Friday, vowing to “fight for my vision” of how to deal with the refugee crisis that has stretched Germany’s resources and damaged her standing.

No matter how many Germans have to suffer and die at Muslim hands for it.

Infighting in Merkel’s ruling coalition and a unilateral decision by her interior minister on asylum policy have raised questions about the chancellor’s leadership, though coalition sources have dismissed speculation of a “putsch” against her…

“The chancellor has the situation under control … I have my vision and I will fight for it,” she said, adding that she wanted to address the root causes of the refugees’ flight and to better protect the European Union’s outer borders. [emphasis added]

The "root causes" of the "refugees' flight" is Islam.  Jihadist-created and -perpetuated war, jihadists infiltrating the "refugee" outflux/influx....

AP: Syrian passport found on body of one attacker at Paris stadium, according to French officials.

.....this is not a particularly difficult riddle to solve.  It doesn't require the services of Sherlock Holmes; it doesn't requires the services of LARRY Holmes, for heaven's sake.

But it does cut against the very heart of leftwingnut ideology, which assigns Muslims to the "right" tribe as a "Western-oppressed" group.  And for the left, their ideology and its attendant Narrative and Agenda are all.

Which is why we can count on them to keep their priorities straight:

The French government plans to go ahead with a climate change summit it is due to host at the end of the month, a senior French diplomatic source said on Saturday, the day after a wave of deadly attacks in France's capital.

Asked whether the high-profile meeting could be put off, the venue changed or cancelled, the source told Reuters "that is in no way under consideration", but added that security could be boosted. [emphasis added]

Not "will," with an eyeroll openly expressing the incredulity that anybody would have to ask that question, but "could".  Which means they might NOT boost security for Greenopalooza.  Because, of course, lefties haven't forgotten who and what the REAL enemy is.

I'd give it until the end of the weekend before "climate change" is blamed for the Paris attacks on the grounds that anthropogenic global warming is responsible for Middle East "droughts" that have caused "resource shortages" that led to the wars that have forced millions of Muslims to flee Europe-ward.  All we have to do to ensure the security of the homeland is to give up modern civilizations AND all our guns.  That's what they'll be shrieking.  Bank on it.

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