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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

UnAmerican: Obama Regime Accepts Forty Times As Many Syrian Muslim "Refugees" As Christians

by JASmius

As another Obama Internet meme remarks, "It's one of the few promises he's ever kept".

There is a saying: "There are lies, there are damned lies, and there are statistics."  But these numbers are awfully difficult to spin away:

The current system of admitting refugees to the United States "unintentionally discriminates" against Christians — with Christians making up less than 3% of the Syrian refugees allowed into the country, and 96% Muslim, government figures show. [emphases added]

"Unintentionally" my ass.  Even if you made it a quota based upon the original Syrian population (see below), it would be outrageously lopsided.  And remember that every Syrian Muslim "refugee" is at least a potential jihadist, and if you fully understand that term, they ALL fit that description.

Christian News Service, citing new State Department figures released Monday, reports of the 2,184 Syrian refugees admitted to the United States, only 53 are Christians while 2,098 are Muslim.

The remaining 33 include one Yazidi, eight Jehovah Witnesses, two Baha'i, six Zoroastrians, six of "other religion," seven of "no religion," and three atheists, CNS reports.

By comparison, Syria's population in early 2011 – before the civil war and rise of ISIS that triggered a mass exodus – was 90% Muslim and 10% Christian.

The State Department figures come as Barack Obama called as "shameful" the calls by some for admitting only Christian Syrians into the country.

C'mon, Barry, it would only be 165 fewer Muslims and the same additional number of Christians, by the quota system - something with which you should surely be familiar in an Affirmative Action context.  How can that be "shameful" when it is Christians who are the chief victims and Muslims their victimizers, Christians who have been all but exterminated throughout Syria and Iraq, and are under the most ferocious persecution they've suffered around the world since Roman times?

And the best part would be that the term "Christian terrorists" is an oxymoron.  Can the Muslims say that?  No, they can not.  So how is it in our national security interests to important tens of thousands of jihadists (by the 10% rule) into the United States,against the clear will of the American people?  And how is it consistent with the "American values" you keep yammering about to import tens or hundreds of thousands invaders from an imperialistic, conquering alien culture that is intractably hostile to American values?

Unless, of course, these "American values" are your own and not the real, traditional ones to which you yourself have displayed and expressed such deep-seeded hostility.

Alttahawwul al'asasi (التحول الأساسي), indeed.

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