Sunday, December 06, 2015

Another Obama Rerun

by JASmius

Does anybody know what he had a podium hauled into the Oval Office behind which to stand?  Has any other POTUS ever done anything this weird?  I could understand if he wanted to wear Bermuda shorts and forego his trousers, but he could have done that sitting behind Old Resolute, couldn't he?  I don't get the setting, or the symbolism.  Maybe it meant he's finally going to "stand up" to ISIS?  He did finally say at one point that he's going to "destroy" them.  Didn't say how, though.

If I weren't convinced that he's going to decree himself a third term, I'd say that this speechlet was redundant proof of his lame-duckery.  It was almost literally everything that everybody predicted it would be, which is to say, nothing the slightest bit different from what he's been saying about the subject of Islamic jihadism for the past seven years, because his radical, leftwingnut extremist, Islamophilic views never change.  They're impervious to facts, evidence, experience.  Regardless of how often and thoroughly reality proves him wrong, he's always right and we're always wrong.  And since he has the power to make it stick, well, that's why we are in such terrible, terrible danger.

This speech was a carbon copy of his rhetorical content all the way down to his "Sheldon Cooper teaching physics to Howard Wolowitz" condescending hectoring.  It seems no matter what we do, we still disappoint him, and we're just not worthy of his demidivine greatness.

About the only thing we didn't hear that I was expecting was an announcement of an Executive Order confiscating all guns nationwide.  But just because he didn't announce it doesn't mean he's not going through with it.  That 3AM knock on the door may, and probably will, still be coming in the very near future.

Anyway, time to have some fun with it, which is all that it was worth:

Barack Obama vowed on Sunday to hunt down anyone plotting [jihadist] attacks against the United States....

The same way little old white grandmas and three-year old blonde toddlers are pulled out of the security line by the TSA - which, never forget, hired seventy-three jihadists this past summer.  In other words, he's coming for the REAL "terrorists": law-abiding American citizen gun owners.

and to "destroy" the Islamic State group (ISIS)....

Without increasing air sorties or putting U.S. boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria by convincing the Russians, whom we have more or less completely alienated with O's "Assad must go" fixation, to do all of our fighting for us. he sought to reassure Americans after a deadly California shooting rampage that has raised new questions about U.S. defenses against homegrown [Islamic Fundamental]ism.

By stubbornly, relentlessly, and tiresomely pushing more gun control instead of keeping any more Muslims from getting into the country and getting to work on deporting the ones already here, or relocating them to Gitmo.

In a rare Oval Office address — the third since taking office — Obama tried to counter mounting criticism he has not acted decisively enough to keep the United States safe from the Islamic State....

By trying to change the subject to gun control.

....but he stopped short of offering any major shift in his strategy.

Because no such strategy shifts are ever necessary, since he's a "god," and "gods" are omniscient.  And because we still don't appreciate his greatness.

"The threat from terrorism is real but we will overcome it," Obama said in a nationally televised speech.

Well, he used the word "terrorism," I suppose.  Which must have been more painful than his unanesthetized clitorectomy.  "We" will "overcome" it through more and stricter gun control, of course.

Obama condemned the attack as "an act of terrorism designed to kill innocent people," but also called it a "new phase" in the fight against Islamist militancy.

An "act of terrorism" by a mystery couple whose motives are forever "unfathomable".  The "new phase" is that ISIS is slaughtering us over here instead of over there.  Which reminds me, did you know that there are 280,000 Americans with no hint of a connection on his "no-fly" list, including quite a few employees of his Commissariat of Homeland Insecurity who are permitted no legal recourse for getting their names off of it and whom he correspondingly wants to strip of their Second Amendment rights, but the Muslim  Bonnie & Clyde, Major Hassan, The Tsarnaev brothers, and the Chattanooga shooter, Mr. Abdulazeez, have never made that same list?

But Obama said there was no evidence the assault was directed by a [jihadist] group overseas or part of a broader conspiracy at home.

Not counting Islam, of course.

Even so, Obama cautioned against overreaction to the terrorism threat at home.

ANY reaction would be a distinct improvement, actually.  Or better yet, preemption.

"We cannot turn against each other....

Muslims.  Turning the rest of us against each other is his core job description. letting this fight be defined as a war between America and Islam," he said, alluding to the incendiary rhetoric by Republican presidential candidates like Donald Trump, which is seen by critics as fear-mongering against the Muslim community.

Even though that is precisely what this is, and "fear-mongering" is more than, well, "trumped" by one hail of bullets after another.

My favorite quote, though, is this one:

“We will not defeat it with tough talk....

Telling the truth about it.

....abandoning our values....

His Islamocommunist ideology.

....or giving in to fear.

Like his incessant "climate change" shrieking.

We will prevail by being strong and smart.”

....Power?  Thanks, but that's how you got us in this predicament, Barry.

See?  I told you this would be fun.

Exit P.S.: If you want to know what The One REALLY thinks of all this, consider that he may be about to fire FBI Director James Comey for "anti-Muslim rhetoric," which everybody else calls "doing his job".

UPDATE: Spot poll: How many of you left your televisions on just long enough to moon them?  And would President Strong & Smart call that "succumbing to cynicism"?

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