Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Obama's Doomsday 2030 Weather Forecast

by JASmius

An entire civilization - Islam - declares its intent to forcibly convert or destroy our own, and then proceeds to carry it out (piecemeal for now, but no less systematically than they will on a much larger scale once they have the means that this White House is providing them), and Barack Obama refuses to even acknowledge the reality of that enemy, what they are doing, AND why, but he claims to know what the afternoon ambient temperature is going to be a decade and a half from now, AND that IT is going to kill us all.

If you didn't know the man was an Islamocommunist radical and therefore believes all that Bizarro nonsense religiously, you could almost believe he was pulling all of our legs:

The White House said that heat wave deaths in the U.S. could worsen by 2030 due to climate change, killing over ten thousand in a single summer.

Oh, I almost forgot: No, it won't.

According to Reuters, climate change can be expected to boost the number of annual premature U.S. deaths from heat waves in coming decades and to increase mental health problems from extreme weather like hurricanes and floods, a U.S. study said on Monday.

"I don't know that we've seen something like this before, where we have a force that has such a multitude of effects," Surgeon General Vivek Murthy told reporters at the White House about the study. "There's not one single source that we can target with climate change, there are multiple paths that we have to address." [emphases added]

How convenient for a statist point of view.  Murthy makes it sound like a despotic buffet.  Which is precisely what it is; there isn't any policy area that won't have a lifeline attached to this Big Government power cow, like a horde of water-skiers tethered behind an ocean liner:

Extreme heat can cause more forest fires and increase pollen counts and the resulting poor air quality threatens people with asthma and other lung conditions. The report said poor air quality will likely lead to hundreds of thousands of premature deaths, hospital visits, and acute respiratory illness each year by 2030.

Climate change also threatens mental health, the study found. Post traumatic stress disorder, depression, and general anxiety can all result in places that suffer extreme weather linked to climate change, such as hurricanes and floods. More study needs to be done on assessing the risks to mental health, it said.

Cases of mosquito and tick-borne diseases can also be expected to increase, though the study, completed over three years, did not look at whether locally-transmitted Zika virus cases would be more likely to hit the United States.

This is a "study" where all these pagan gaia-worshipers sat around a communal hash pipe mixing it with peyote in order to astrally stimulate their imaginations to dream up every conceivable, wild, minimalistically tangential connection that "climate change" could have with practically anything, and once they were finished cutting themselves and dancing around like lunatics (and the visions had temporarily stopped), they wrote it all down all "scholarly" like.

And all of it is fraudulent, every damned last bit of it.  There is no, zero, zip, nada, nullity, bupkis evidence that the planet is warming, no, zero, zip, nada, nullity, bupkis evidence that modern, energy-producing and -using human civilization influences global climate, and conclusive evidence - which is to say, it is scientific fact - that the sun controls Earth's climate, and that solar activity is diminishing, not increasing.  The global Left seeks to gut the global economy - the REAL source of mass death, only from starvation and war than ambient temperature extremes - in service to a fable, a myth, a lie when we need as vigorous an economy as possible to muster the resources to cope with the solar-caused mini ice age to come over that same period this phony "study" projects.

Once again we are forced to navigate this Bizarro World surrealism, like we fell through those convergence portals in Thor II: The Dark World, like inmates in a sane asylum while the crazy tyrannical nutcases are running the country and the world.  And without even the solace of the warmth they mendaciously claim, but instead the bitter cold that is coming on a "snowball Earth" without the energy infrastructure to mitigate it.

Here's hoping permanent, recriminative, raging anger and epileptic shivering are sufficient palliatives.  But I'm not counting on it.

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