Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton: Obama Iran Policy Great Template For North Korea

by JASmius

Donald Trump, naturally, won't provide any details on his embryonic North Korea policy other than that he can't wait to "jaw-jaw" with the pot-bellied pig, because he, of course, doesn't have any and won't until he impulsively opens his piehole about it.

Mrs. Clinton doesn't have any such details, either, which is why she's announced that she's essentially going to glob The One's Iran template, which seems odd, since I'd think she'd rehash her husband's, seeing as how (1) Mr. Bill is already going to be her Jobs Czar, so why not loaded up his plate with "Special Envoy To North Korea" as well, and (2) he was secondarily responsible for ensuring that the Hermit Kingdom joined the nuclear club.almost twenty years before Barack Obama did the same favor for the mullahs.  Might as well spread the Big Me as thin as possible and get as much mileage out ofhis lingering popularity and superlative political tactician's skills as she can.

Either similar template is dubious, and she doesn't owe O anything....oh, wait, yes, she does, doesn't she?

Never mind:

One of Hillary Clinton’s top priorities as president would be to use sanctions to pressure North Korea to negotiate limits on its nuclear program, according to [Mrs.] Clinton’s top foreign policy adviser. The strategy would mimic the Obama administration’s approach to Iran.

Um, no, it wouldn't, obviously.  But let's take this idea at face value, just for giggles: What effective sanctions, or sanctions at all, could be applied to a country where the populace is already subsisting on tree bark, and its corpulent ruler is obviously not missing any meals?  Iran is awash in oil and natural gas, and we formerly had $150 billion of their assets frozen; they've got commodities aside from weapons that other countries want.  The NoKos don't have jack diddly.  Economic sanctions are always toothless in attempting to apply pressure to dictatorship, but if the Regime in question has nothing to take away from them, how can fresh sanctions on essentially nothing possibly coerce the NoKos?

We could, of course, try to take the nukes away from them, but that action would be more military than economic.  And we could try begging the ChiComms to intervene, but we have no meaningful leverage over them either by which to force them to act against their own interest in maintaining Pyongyang as a "bad cop" to their "good cop", no matter what Trump fantasizes.

The well, in other words, is dry, and the good options are non-existent.  The Empress has simply provided a little more evidence that she doesn't know what she's talking about vis a vie North Korea than The Donald.  A gap I'm sure he'll waste no time in closing.

Jake Sullivan, the head of the [Rodham] campaign’s foreign policy advisory team, was one of two officials who began secret negotiations with Iran in 2012 that eventually resulted in the nuclear agreement that Iran struck last summer with [five world powers [and the United States]. He told an audience Monday evening at the Asia Society in New York that [Mrs.] Clinton is planning a similar strategy to deal with North Korea’s nuclear program.

“This is a paramount security challenge of the United States. It will have to be right at the top of the agenda for the next president to deal with,” he said. “It’s hard for me to underscore how important it is that we place urgency behind this.”

Behind what?  Trying to force the Un-dictator into Deal-A-Meal so he can eventually be stuffed into his tanning bed?  Or how about having the CIA kidnap his underage harem?  Cutting off his multiple daily BJs might be enough to get Kim's attention.

Then again, given that he has nukes and submarine-launched ballistic missiles and the subs to deliver them against U.S. West Coast cities AND the much greater willingness to use them than we do equivalently against his country, I'd say that he's far better able to coerce us than the other way around.

And let's be honest about this: How much of a cock-blocker was the Ugly Dutchess for Bill for all those years?  I don't know about anybody else, but I'm dubious of her ability to cut off Dear Leader.

"Ball"'s in Il Douche's court.  Let's see what ridiculous riposte up with which he comes.

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