Thursday, May 12, 2016


“Nothing happens in a vacuum,” How the Republican Party destroyed itself.
By Allan McNew

Part One

Part Two

What have progressive-socialists been doing over the last fifty years? They form pressure groups with names like “Citizens for inclusion”, “Suffrage for all”, “Family wellbeing”, “Societal progress”, “Brotherhood now”, “Sisters for a successful society”, “Progress for all”, “Citizens for clean water”, "Educational achievement partners"…

Then, as individuals – professionals and foot soldier activists - working from those groups, they get their fingers into everything. Board of Education, Water Districts, Chamber of Commerce, advisory boards of all types, City Hall, you name it. If they get into positions where they have power over hiring, they, if they can swing their preferences, hire their ideological cronies.

Same goes for infiltrating local governments. Planning commissions, elected office, local government employees, code enforcement, court employees, paper shufflers and rubber stampers and much, much more.

There's lots of strategy to be formulated and tactically executed from information gleaned and power to be exercised by having the nose into everything.

They have taken over faculty and administration of public education, where their political slant is superimposed on the kids. The progressive-socialist culture war is being won K-12 while self described conservatives have their ears glued to the latest talk radio rant about beltway rhino politicians.

What, for the most part, have the majority of self described conservatives been doing for the last fifty years? Bitching, losing and occasionally voting while the Washington cartel ran their machinery from
the back room.

Until recently "conservative activism" consisted largely of the following:

The great bullhorn of the bug eyed, angry citizen – Twitter, pointless flame wars with hecklers and trolls on internet discussion boards and other internet media, bandwidth hogging, vituperative, name calling condemnation, apoplectic attack and counter attack, often with little to no constructive message or realistic solution.

There is much consternation about the vermin in Washington, with little recognition the rats breed locally before going national nor much actual, personal, political involvement of any sort.

The rats got presumptuously comfortable under these conditions, with Congress big on promises yet small on meaningful accomplishment, the White House making it up on the fly and the Supreme Court trampling the Constitution.

Then the election cycle began anew and outsider Trump entered the race.

To be continued...

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